Starfield: How to Get and Farm Sealant

Sealant is one of the most important crafting resources in Starfield. Here’s how to get and farm it.

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Crafting is one of the more important systems in Starfield, and you’ll need tons of materials like Sealant to get the most out of it. Like so many components and resources in the game, getting your hands on the stuff isn’t always easy. Even as a common resource (which Sealant is), the sheer amount you’ll need if you really invest in crafting ensures you’ll need a good way to get it quickly and farm it easily. We’ll detail all the best places to do both in this guide.

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How to Get and Farm Sealant in Starfield

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Common resource or not, Sealant is tougher to find than you’d think. There are three main ways to get it:

  • Buying it from vendors throughout Starfield
  • Harvesting it from plants and animals on planets
  • Looting it from chests

Where to Buy Sealant in Starfield

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Buying Sealant is the easiest and most consistent way to get it. It costs as little as four credits when you max out the Commerce skill, and vendors usually sell it in stacks of twenty or so. Your best bet for finding Sealant at a vendor is shopping at a general store. Here are all the main vendors I could find that sold the stuff:

  • Akila: Shepherd’s
  • Gagarin: Clint’s Collectibles
  • The Key: General Goods (You need to be in good standing with the Crimson Fleet)
  • Neon: Newill’s Goods, Trade Authority
  • Mars: UC Exchange
  • New Atlantis: Jemison Mercantile, UC Distribution
  • New Homestead: The Store

You might also find Sealant in vendor inventories at the random Civilian Outposts scattered throughout the system. For the fastest, easiest farm (provided you have the cash), simply hop from port to port, cleaning out their Sealant inventory as you go.

How to Farm Sealant on a Planet

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There are dozens of planets in the Settled Systems that have Sealant available from either their flora or fauna or both. The swamps of Gagarin, for instance, have the Swamp Bottle Root, which provides natural Sealant. Whenever you find a planet where Sealant is plentiful (preferably on a temperate planet), set up an Outpost there so you can fast travel to it whenever you want, then return periodically and clear out all the plants and animals that provide Sealant. If you have the Botany perk, you’ll get more Sealant per harvest than if you didn’t.

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The other on-planet farm applies whether you’re exploring or taking on one of the many hostile outposts throughout Starfield. Check every container you find for loot. The smaller ones have a chance of containing Sealant, among many other resources. In my testing, I ran around half a dozen containers that had at least a few units of Sealant per larger outpost. I also found credits, armor, weapons, and other valuables, meaning my time was spent even more efficiently.

It’s also possible for your companions to find Sealant and other items for you, but because companion loot pools are somewhat large and you only get a single unit of any item from them, I don’t recommend it as a good farm for anything really.