Starfield: How to Reset Vendor Stock & Credits

Vendors are invaluble sources of additional resources in Starfield. Here’s how to reset their inventory so you always have access to what you want.

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Vendors are some of the most important NPCs in Skyrim, as they’re one of the easiest and most available sources of credits in the game. They also provide quick access to tons of materials, Aid items, and the occasionally good weapon. But their inventories are limited: once you sell enough loot that they can’t pay anymore, or they run out of the items you want, you usually need to look somewhere else for immediate service.

There is good news though, as you can reset a vendor’s stock of both items and credits with a simple trick. Here’s what you need to know about how to do it in Starfield.

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How to Reset Vendors in Starfield

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Vendor stocks in Starfield are on a constant rotation. Certain items, like Digipicks, are always part of their inventory, and they also have a relatively set amount of credits. After exhausting their stock, the vendor will reset after 24 in-game local hours from the time of the transaction. This reset goes for both their item inventory and their credit value.

To perform the vendor reset, complete every part of your interaction with them, then go find someplace to sit nearby. Use the Wait function to wait a full 24 local hours, then check back with the vendor. Their stock should be back at full strength.

Most vendors start with around 5,000 credits, but depending on the current vendor inventory roll, they can have up to around 15,000, though going that high is rare. To get the most out of a vendor reset, I recommend going somewhere with a high concentration of them, like New Atlantis, Neon, or The Key base of the Crimson Fleet. That way, you can have easy access to anywhere from 25,000-60,000 credits at a time, plus the ability to buy tons of additional items like Sealant or Adhesive.

I recommend doing the vendor reset trick when you have a completely full cargo hold and inventory. The few minutes you spend forcing the restock if you don’t have much to sell is time better spent adventuring. Alternately, if you’re flush with cash, the opposite is true. Empty the vendor’s inventory of everything you need, then reset them and repeat the process. Be aware that, while using vendors to fill your resource stores is easy, sometimes it’s better to go down onto the surface of a planet and gather the materials yourself. You might come across a free ship or some other high-value item you wouldn’t have found otherwise.