Starfield: How to Find Biosuppressant

Biosuppressant is one of many resources players need to keep track of in Starfield, but finding it somewhere in the galaxy is a tall order.

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Starfield is packed with all sorts of items that players need to understand and keep track of throughout their playthroughs. Some are rarer than others, and a few are linked to quests that players will pick up as they explore the vast Milky Way.

One of the hardest-to-find resources we’ve encountered in the game is Biosuppressant. After accepting a quest to hand over three, it took us a while to track down where exactly this resource can pop up, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help other players in our position.

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Where to Find Biosuppressant in Starfield

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Biosuppressant will drop from enemies now and then, but as an exotic crafting resource, it’s very rare to see in any corpse. The more reliable way to get it is from vendors around the galaxy. We tried looking on New Atlantis but couldn’t find any. Ultimately, we picked up 8 Biosuppressant from the vendor in Cydonia on Mars.

It seems as though the source of Biosuppressant changes throughout a playthrough, possibly depending on a character’s level. Some players have reported seeing it with a vendor on New Atlantis, while others have found it easily by killing alien creatures. At the time of writing, we’re unable to verify those methods, but we can confirm that we found a lot of Biosuppressant for a good price on Cydonia.

What is Biosuppressant in Starfield

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Biosuppressant is an exotic crafting resource in Starfield. Its description reads, “Exotic organic resource. This item can be used as a component in crafting.” As far as we can tell, there’s nothing a character can do to consume it, though this may change with certain perks at higher levels.

Why Do You Need to Find Biosuppressant in Starfield

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While we were completing quests in the Crimson Fleet storyline and looking for evidence for the Burden of Proof quest, we stumbled upon a side quest that took us to The Clinic. This is a space station where scientists and doctors study alien pathogens and how they affect humans as they travel the galaxy.

The first doctor we met complained about how their research needed more samples, so we offered to help. This sparks an activity to collect and deliver 3 Biosuppressant. The doctor explains that they might drop from creatures we end up killing as we explore but that it can also be purchased from vendors.

We were so eager to complete this activity and see where it went that we searched the galaxy for a vendor. Thankfully, as outlined above, we found one. Unfortunately, that’s where the quest ended, though we have high hopes for The Clinic and whatever else we might be doing in and around it for the rest of our playthrough.