Starfield Last Will And Testament: Should You Give the Will to Frank or The Mayor?

Find out all the outcomes to Starfield’s Last Will and Testament and which is the most rewarding option.

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Starfield’s Akila City is the capital of the Freestar Collective, and you can tell the city looks a bit rough next to Neon or New Atlantis just by having a look at it. As if the muddy streets or rundown houses weren’t enough, they’ve got a Mayor running things around. In 2310.

Still, Mayor Cartwright’s not too bad himself, but there’s a hint of contempt in his voice whenever he brings up a certain Frank Langston. And, as it turns out, the man is occupying a house that should be Blake Aldwell, an illegitimate heir. So, should you tell wealthy Frank this news or bring them right back to Mayor Cartwright?

Starfield: Give the Will to Frank Langston in Last Will and Testament

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Here’s the tricky bit: giving the will to Frank will yield the most rewards. Because he doesn’t want to give up his manor, he’ll offer 10000 credits. What’s even more tempting is that by heading back to Mayor Cartwright and lying to him, he’ll double reward you with 5500 more credits.

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That means that by negotiating with Frank Langston and then lying to the Mayor, you’re walking off this quest with 15500 credits in your pocket. Still, he’s not a very enjoyable character, so it’s hard to side with him.

Starfield: Give the Will to Mayor Elias Cartwright in the Last Will and Testament

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If, on the other hand, you prefer to do the right thing and head back to Elias Cartwright, he’ll be stoked you helped make things right and reward you 5500 with credits. It’s less rewarding credit-wise, but it feels right to help honor the fallen.

At the end of the day, it really just depends on the type of character you’re playing. If your morals are pretty gray, feel free to gaslight Mayor Elias completely and grab that double reward.