Starfield Lost and Found: All Paradiso Missing Items Locations

Here’s how to find every missing item in Hotel Paradiso to complete Dirk’s Lost and Found.

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Hotel Paradiso is everything you could want from an intergalactic all-inclusive resort. Luxurious rooms, multiple bars, and a gorgeous tropical beach. Still, just because it’s a top-tier hotel doesn’t mean there’s no trouble. Besides the weird ship stationed right outside, there’s also the lengthy list of missing items reported in Hotel Paradiso’s Lost and Found in Starfield. I mean, what else do you have to do right now? Look for mythical powers? Looking for the guests’ missing stuff sounds like fun.

How to Complete Lost and Found & Find All Missing Items in Hotel Paradiso

Screenshot by Gamepur

After speaking with Dirk at the front desk, inquire a bit about what’s troubling him to accept Lost and Found. The first step to finding the missing items is to discover what is actually missing. The computer to Dirk’s left should help you out. After reading the list of what guests have dropped all over the hotel, it’s time for some scavenger hunting. Here’s where to find every missing item from the Lost & Found list.

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Missing ItemMissing Item LocationHow to Find the Missing Item
Lost Room KeycardHead to the elevator and up to the 5th Floor Premium Suites. Then, look near some maroon sofas to find the Lost Room Keycard.
Lost SlateHead back to the elevator and up to the Rooftop Terrace. Then, look for the lost slate underneath a white sofa next to the bar.
Wedding RingUse the elevator to enter the lobby and walk outside the hotel. Then, take a right and head straight toward the cottage to the left. The lost wedding ring will be hidden in some bushes near the cottage stairs.
Lost ThermosHead back to the hotel’s entrance, and instead of heading toward the beach, take a left toward the ship landing area. Keep heading straight through the path with the palm trees until you hit the red walls of the ship landing area. To the right, you’ll spot a couple of crates, amongst which sits the Lost Thermos.