Starfield: Every Power & What it Does

Here’s a complete list of every Starfield power and what it does in the game.

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Starfield offers a thrilling package: firepower, interstellar discovery, and intriguing powers. By following the main Constellation questline, which is fairly difficult to do with that neverending list of side activities, powers can be unlocked. These work just like shouts did in Skyrim; unlock them, equip them, and you’ll get a little help in battle, dialogue, or exploration.

Given the Starfield’s vastness, mastering them all may require some dedication. So, here’s the lowdown on every Starfield power and what it does in the game.

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How to Unlock Powers in Starfield

To harness your Starfield powers, advance through the main Constellation questline until you hit the Into the Unknown quest. The Into the Unknown quest involves charting a course to the Alpha Centauri system and unveiling the origin of a mysterious anomaly concealed within Temple Eta. Completing this mission unlocks your first power.

Looking for more? Having one power is cool and all, but perhaps it doesn’t quite suit your playstyle. Not to worry, Starfield lets players unlock a total of 24 powers. The key to unlocking new powers is finding temples. Locate new Temples by visiting Vladimir Sall at The Eye. Once one has been spotted, activate temple portals by collecting sparks of light.

If you’re feeling power-hungry and want to try them, all powers are unlockable through the console commands cheats on PC. Open the console using the tilde key, type “psb” and press enter. This will unlock every power in Starfield, which can be accessed through the menu’s top dot.

Starfield: All Constellation Powers & Their Effect

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PowerPower NameEffectCost
Alien ReanimationRevives a fallen alien beast to serve the user for 30 seconds or until it dies.35
Anti-Gravity FieldCreates a low-gravity field that lifts enemies into the air for 10 seconds.45
Create VacuumForms a dome for 15 seconds that deals damage to creatures inside.25
Creators’ PeaceCauses enemies in a small area to drop their weapons and flee.25
EarthboundReduces jump height on low-gravity planets.15
Elemental PullInstantly mines mineral ore nodes in the user’s radius.25
Eternal HarvestRegenerates depleted organic resources on a planet for gathering.25
Grav DashPropels the user forward about six paces and briefly increases damage inflicted.15
Gravity WaveKnocks enemies prone in a line, forcing them to get back up.25
Gravity WellGenerates a focal point of crushing gravity that pulls in nearby enemies.45
Inner DemonSummons a friendly duplicate of an enemy for about 15 seconds.35
Life ForcedDamages one enemy while healing the user over 15 seconds.25
Moon FormTurns the user’s skin to stone for 10 seconds, making them immobile but invulnerable.35
Parallel SelfSummons a friendly duplicate of the user armed and ready to help for 30 seconds.N/A
Particle BeamEmits a powerful cosmic energy ray, dealing damage to a single target.N/A
Personal AtmosphereMaintains full oxygen for 20 seconds, countering carbon dioxide.45
Phased TimeSlows downtime in the user’s region, affecting the user as well.45
PrecognitionGlimpses the future, revealing part of someone’s response to a dialogue option.35
Reactive ShieldForms a shield for 15 seconds that weakens and reflects enemy projectiles.35
Sense Star StuffHighlights creatures around the user with a white aura for 10 seconds.15
Solar FlareReleases a searing hot plasma orb that deals damage upon impact and over time.25
Sunless SpaceFreezes enemies in a small area for about 10 seconds.35
SupernovaEmits a blast centered on the user, dealing moderate damage to nearby creatures.45
Void FormRenders the user nearly invisible for 20 seconds, except to nearby enemies.45