Starfield: Saburo’s Solution – All Merchants to Distribute the Flyers to

Saburo’s in a tight spot, but players can help him out with some good old-fashioned door-to-door advertising.


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Saburo is a merchant in Starfield who has a rather interesting business. He’s set up a mining company on a water world, which makes it incredibly difficult for him to actually get any of the minerals he needs out. Everyone in Neon knows he’s made a mistake.

However, Saburo has a plan. He wants to get help from the other vendors in Neon and do some marketing between the companies to help everyone get a bit more business. It’s a s solid plan, but it won’t work unless players step in.

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How to Start Saburo’s Solution in Starfield

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To start the Saburo’s Solution quest in Starfield, players need to visit Saburo’s mining company in the Neon Core strip. It’s a small, unseeming business requiring players to enter through a loading screen. Saburo is a quiet man, but he has a big heart and wants to make the most of the opportunity he has.

He’ll ask players to help him drum up some interest in his business, and that will start the Saburo’s Solution quest. It requires players to deliver flyers to five of the other businesses around Neon. Having tackled this quest, we know that not all the vendors will be interested.

All Vendors to Deliver Flyers to in the Saburo’s Solution Quest in Starfield

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Players must deliver flyers to five vendors in Neon to complete the Saburo’s Solution quest in Starfield. While many businesses likely will take a flyer, we were turned down by more than a few. Below, we’ve listed each vendor to whom players can deliver flyers, alongside an explanation of where to find them.

When players speak to the owners, they may have some dialogue to get out of the way before the option to hand over the flyer presents itself. We suggest working through all topics of conversation to find it, because we eventually saw it with each one of the stores below.

  • Newill’s Goods – The Newills run this store and is open for players to walk in and out of along the main Neon Core strip. Look for the green hologram with yellow text. Players can pick up another vendor dispute quest by speaking to the owners.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – Players will find this store by picking up the quest from Newill’s Goods. Alternatively, players can run to the opposite end of the Neon Core strip from Saburo’s place and see the store with bright yellow text.
  • Legrandes Liquors – This questionable establishment is also in the Neon Core stip. The text is blue on the sign, but it’s tucked away from the rest of the businesses. This is because the owner is selling Aurora in one of his drinks.
  • Reliant Medical – Reliant Medical is the well-known medical brand of stores available in all cities in Starfield. Look for the green medical sign and text.
  • Enhance! – Enhance! is another well-known brand in Starfield. Players should look for the familiar signs and posters of eyes in the storefront.

When players return to Saburo, he’ll thank them for handing out his flyers. Every business in Neon seems excited about the opportunity, so it’ll likely have a big impact on the vendor’s mining business.