Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How To Get The Free Happi Coat Costume

Enjoy a new free outfit for your Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life character with the free Red Happi Coat DLC.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life introduces a range of new events, enhanced festivals, never-before-seen crops, and a variety of delightful recipes to try out. Whether players are returning fans of the series or newcomers, they will indeed be enchanted by the charming world of Forgotten Valley and its memorable characters. Now, to celebrate a month after the game’s successful release, Marvelous and XSeed have released a new festal costume — the Red Happi Coat. This delightful outfit will bring a vibrant touch to their farming adventures in Forgotten Valley. 

How to Unlock the Red Happi Coat in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Image via Marvelous Inc.

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Follow these few easy steps to get your hands on this festive garment.

Step 1: Download the Red Happi Coat Free DLC from the StoreOpen the store and look for the available DLC for Story of Seasons. The recently added Red Happii Coat DLC should be there. Download it for free to add it to the game.
Step 2: Accept the GiftThe blue Deposit Box in front of the house will be inflated upon launching the game. Interacting with the box will trigger a particular prompt, offering the Red Happi Coat costume as a gift. Accept the gift, and it will magically appear in the player’s dresser, ready to be worn.
Step 3: Put On the New Red Happi CoatOnce the Red Happi Coat is in the dresser, players can change into it whenever they desire. Just head inside the house and switch between outfits with the mirror or dresser. The Happi Coat will not only make the protagonist look stylish, but it will also perfectly complement the festive atmosphere of the game’s firework festival.

With the free Red Happi Coat costume, players can add a splash of color to their farming adventure and immerse themselves in the spirit of summertime.