Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Wild Animal Luck Guide – All Animal Locations & Meanings

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life includes a list of adorable, wild animals living in the valley – and they can mean good luck.

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Though it’s easy to think farm animals are all there is to Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Wild Animals’ importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Farm animals like goats, cows, and chickens will stay on the farm in Story of Seasons and their purpose is quite clear: to be fed and cared for to get animal produce.

However, wild animals like raccoons and turtles will occasionally spawn in the Forgotten Valley’s forests and ponds. Though it’s easy to think they’re there just to liven up the scenery as they can’t be fed or taken home, they do serve a specific purpose that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Wild Animals in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Explained

SoS: A Wonderful Life Wild Animals will spawn at specific locations throughout the Valley. Though they will not appear every day, they’ll always be in the same spot when they do.

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Wild Animals can’t be adopted or cared for like dogs. Their sole purpose is to foretell luck in performing a specific task. For example, the Chihuahua nearby the dig site lets you know mining on that day might yield some valuable profit.

All Wild Animals, Locations and Boosts in A Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

AppearanceWild AnimalLocationBoost
TurtleAround the pond nearby the beachBoosts luck from fishing in the Beach’s pond.
ChihuahuaRight outside the Dig Site’s fence.Boosts luck from mining at Dig Site.
RaccoonBehind Vesta’s Farm, to the hill’s left.Boosts luck from fishing in the river.
OwlAtop the Nature Sprites tree in the Forest.Boosts luck from fishing in the Forest’s pond.
LizardNear the Waterfall, in front of the Dig Site.Boosts luck from fishing by the Waterfall.

Because managing time can be a real challenge in A Wonderful Life, keeping an eye out for these helpful, wild critters can help determine which tasks to jump in on during the day. It also adds a delightful type of life to Forgotten Valley’s locations, making it that much more fun to explore.