Roblox Super Doomspire codes (October 2021)

All codes available for Super Doomspire in Roblox.

Super Doomspire is a remake of the popular game Doomspire Brickbattle found in Roblox, which tasks you with destroying enemy towers in the game. Find the rarest and most unique items to add to your arsenal and defend your tower so that it will be the final one standing at the end of the fight. If you are on the search for free stuff in the game, you can redeem the codes below for free crowns and stickers to help show your support of LGBTQ groups.

Where to redeem codes in Super Doomspire?

Press the green shop icon. At the top of the opened menu will be an icon of a keyboard. This is where you put in the codes. Copy and paste any of the active codes from the list below.

Super Doomspire codes – Available

  • HOLLYJOLLY: 1,000 Crowns and a Gift Bomb Tool
  • ROBLOXROX: Dance Potion Sticker
  • EXISTENTIALHORROR: 900 Crowns and Oh Nooo Sticker
  • ITSFREE: 200 Crowns and stickers
  • MARCHAHEAD: 500 Crowns
  • Thanks: 10 Crowns
  • Nonbinaryrights: 30 Crowns and Pride N Sticker
  • Panrights: 30 Crowns and Pride P Sticker
  • Transrights: 30 Crowns and Pride T Sticker
  • Gayrights: 30 Crowns and Pride G Sticker
  • Birights: 30 Crowns and Pride B Sticker
  • Lesbianrights: 30 Crowns and Pride L Sticker
  • Please: 50 Crowns
  • ADOPTME: 100 Crowns and Adopt Me Stickers
  • REDRULES: Red Leader Sticker
  • YELLOWFROG: Yellow Frog Sticker
  • BLUEBUSINESS: Blue Executive Sticker
  • GREENMAGIC: Green Scientist Sticker

Super Doomspire codes – Expired

  • INTHEDARK: Darkheart Sword
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR: Firework Launcher and 50 Crowns
  • Frozen: Ice Sword
  • Present: 200 Crowns