Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Gemimik Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom players can find Gemimik Shrine on the Rist Peninsula, and it will require some clever thinking to solve.

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If Rist Peninsula’s spiral design on the map wasn’t enough to catch your attention, here’s something else to spark your curiosity: Tears of the Kingdom’s Gemimik Shrine is there. Players who dive into this shrine will be greeted by a bundle of new mechanics, including floating torches, a yellow power generator, and a metal plate on the floor. Unfortunately, this puzzle is the only thing that stands in the way of reaching the end of this shrine and getting another Light of Blessing.

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How to Start Gemimik Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Gemimik Shrine lies in the Rist Peninsula, east of the Akkala Highlands. The fastest way to reach this shrine is to teleport to the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower and glide to the spiral-shaped island to the east. Unfortunately, many Aerocludas guard this area, so come prepared with some arrows.

How to Solve Gemimik Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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To solve this TotK puzzle, light all the floating torches. Though that’s easier said than done, the following steps will help you complete Gemimik Shrine.

First, grab the fan to the right with Ultrahand. Then, take the fan up the stand and attach it to the turbine at the center. 

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Now that the fan is in place power it up to get it spinning. There’s a metal plate to the puzzle’s left. Grab it with Ultrahand and drop it near the yellow power generator to connect it to the fan turbine.

The fan now spins, so take advantage of the wind gust that boosts you. On the platform on the right, there’s a Tears of the Kingdom treasure chest with a level 50 Zonaite Shield. Then, on the platform to the left, a bunch of flame emitters will come in handy for this puzzle. 

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Use Ultrahand to grab one flame emitter and drop it on the lower floor. Next, head to the bottom floor, grab the flame emitter again, and attach it to one of the fan’s wings to make it spin. This will light up the torches, and the gates guarding the final statue will open up.

After completing the puzzle, players can grab their Light of Blessing and head out to discover any of the other puzzles hidden in Tears of the Kingdom’s Hyrule.