Tears of the Kingdom – Best Way to Cure Gloom

Gloom is a horrible effect that you have to heal in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide covers the few ways you can cure it.

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Gloom is one of the primary threats that you’re going to encounter while playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You encounter it during one of the early areas when you first begin playing the game, but you’ll also come across it in future locations, mostly in the Depths region, underneath Hyrule.

When you’re attacked by Gloom-based enemies, your maximum health goes down, and your Heart Containers fade for a brief time. There are a handful of ways to cure Gloom, and some are easier than others. This guide covers how to cure Gloom and what you can do about it in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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What Does Gloom Do in Tears of the Kingdom?

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You know you’ve been damaged by Gloom when you see that your Heart Containers are partially greyed out in Tears of the Kingdom. These containers will not be black, but grey, and they look like they’ve been partially broken. This can happen when you’ve been fighting against Gloom-based enemies or standing in Gloom for too long while exploring the Depths.

How to Heal Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom

When you’re affected by Gloom, there are two ways you can go about correcting this. The first and most straightforward way is to return to the surface. If you ever return to Sky Island or the Surface region. These will immediately burn away the Gloom that has harmed you, restoring your Health Containers. However, it does not heal you. You will need to heal yourself using any type of food or something that you can eat from your inventory.

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Alternatively, you can cook food using the Sundelion in Tears of the Kingdom. This is an item you can find while exploring many of the Sky Islands you encounter, and these will be invaluable if you plan to regularly search through the Depths.

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The Sundelion works like other foods and resources in Tears of the Kingdom. Include them in your recipes when you’re cooking them, and they will cure the Gloom from your body. You can do this while still exploring the Depths, so if you plan to extensively search this region, having several food items cooked with Sundelions is a good idea.

These are two of the best ways to cure Gloom while exploring the Depths. Tears of the Kingdom is a dangerous place, and knowing how to heal this status effect is critical during your playthrough.

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