Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete Sifumim Shrine

With a bit of wit, you’ll bring down the Construct Forces in Tears of the Kingdom’s Sifumim Shrine with almost no effort.

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Tears of the Kingdom is a highly customizable game. Sure, you can’t make Link’s eyebrows thicker or give him a new haircut, but you can still customize his three-piece gear and equip him with all sorts of weaponry.

Acquiring these items often takes loads of effort — or Rupees, for that matter. That’s why when Sifumim Shrine strips you of every item you hold and clears out your inventory, you return to those same frail and barely-clothed beginnings of the tutorial area. Just how are you meant to take down these Construct forces?

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Proving Grounds’ Sifumim Shrine Location in ToK

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Sifumim Shrine can be found in East Necluda’s southeastern corner, near Lurelin Village. The fastest way to reach it is to teleport to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower and glide southeast until spotting a green spiral-y aura.

How to Solve Proving Grounds’ Sifumim Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Constructs within this shrine have shock and ice arrows, giving them higher ground. And in a room of mostly water, these elements become even deadlier. Still, they are battling in the worst possible scenario since they break down upon touching the water, and almost all of them are perched atop floating pillar boats.

Walk a barely-clothed Link to the left-most end of the hallway before the first canal. Grab the two stick weapons and the shield against the wall. They shall grant minimum protection against the Construct forces.

Then, stand behind the crates and wait for the first Construct boat to approach. With Ultrahand, grab any part of the boat and shake it carelessly until the Construct falls into the water. 

There are two constructs in each water canal, and all can be taken down similarly. Ascend through the platforms in the boats to reach higher ground and glide to the center, where a Captain Construct awaits on solid ground.

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Before facing this guy, grab everything on the platform. Captain Constructs have their version of Ultrahand and Fuse. Those ice fruit and spikes? They can use them, too. Don’t leave things up to chance; claim them for yourself.

The best way to beat this Captain Construct is to attach all three inflammable barrels on the platform’s top left corner together and drop them on its head. The explosion will either kill it or cause it to fall into a canal, indirectly causing its death.

Players can buy time – or redeem themselves – by using the ice fruit to freeze said enemy before it can cause any trouble.

With all enemies out of the way, the shrine will restore all items and equipment to the inventory. Time to head to the statue room to grab a Captain II Reaper and receive one more Light of Blessing.