Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete Zakusu Shrine

Find and complete Zakusu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom to play a fun snowboarding minigame and get an extra Light of Blessing.

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Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines will have Link sliding through quicksand, carrying huge rocks, and — with Zakusu Shrine — snowboarding through Mount Lanayru. He has become a jack of all trades in this game and even made us wish SSX Tricky had a comeback in modern consoles. Still, unlocking and completing this shrine isn’t easy, but this guide will help you.

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How to Start High Spring And Light Rings and Unlock Zakusu Shrine

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Start the quest High Spring And Light Rings in the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to unlock this shrine. Once there, speak with Nazbi, the NPC near the Skyview Tower, who will give you a riddle.

“Skim across the snow, from spring high in the heavens to the mountain below. Pass through the rings of light to see the Light of Blessing.”

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To solve this riddle and the quest, use the trampoline in the Sky View tower to Ascend to Hyrule’s Sky. When in control of Link, glide south and slightly east. Dive downwards and aim for the key-shaped island down below.

Once there, grab the sled shield to the right. Then, activate the green terminal to start this snowboarding minigame. Time is of the essence, so each step should be carried out swiftly and precisely.

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Equip the sled shield and use it by shield surfing (Hold ZL, then hit X and then A) to slide across the downward slope forward. Then, skydive toward the green falling star until reaching the floor. If you’ve unlocked Tulin, gliding is also a good idea.

Upon touching the floor, start sliding with the shield again to reach each green ring. After all, the rings have been cleared, a cutscene will ensue, and a Zakusu Shrine will emerge.

How to Solve Zakusu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Though it may seem like this shrine’s trial is about strength, it’s actually about using the resources creatively.

First, grab the weapons, bow, and arrows to the left. Then, head near the platform descending from the rollercoaster and use Recall to make it return upstairs.

Once upstairs, grab some of the fire fruit nearby. Take advantage of them to shoot the Construct nearby on the head. Once it’s down, grab its spiky level 14 weapon and its rusty shield. Equip them to have a higher offense.

In the levels below, there are three more Construct Soldiers. Either use arrows to take them down or descend and defeat them with the spiky weapon.

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Once that’s done, head one level up through the raft to the northeast corner. There is a Captain Construct and a Soldier Construct with shock arrows. The best defense is to use Ultrahand to merge the two spiky metal planks nearby and use them as a makeshift shield with Ultrahand. Then, as you approach the enemy, grab the flame emitter and attach it to the spiky shield. This will keep you safe while also incinerating your enemies to death.

When all Construct enemies have been defeated, your items will return to your inventory. Proceed to the final room to open the chest and grab one more Light of Blessing.