Temtem – Servers are Temporarily at Capacity explained

If you want to tame them all, you might need to wait a little longer.


Image via Crema

Update: The developers have deployed a hotfix, and the queue experience is now far more stable. If you are waiting to join the game, it would appear that you should no longer be kicked from the queue before that can happen.

Original story: Temtem has just launched into early access on Steam, and it would appear that a lot of people were waiting for the chance to play this cute creature-collecting MMO. Servers are already taking a bit of a beating, and most players are being met with an error message when trying to log on. 

“Temtem servers are at capacity” is a common message that people trying to log on to the game are receiving. While the game does tell you your place in the queue, it will more than likely disconnect before you can finally log in. 

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can go about it at the moment, and it is up to Crema to handle the flood of players that are currently trying to log on. While the team did some stress testing over the last few weeks, inviting players to join people who had already purchased the game through Discord, it would seem that the experiment didn’t quite anticipate how many people would want to play the game on launch day. The good news is that Crema is aware of the issue and is working to solve it as soon as possible.

For now, all you can do is wait. Launch days issues like this are common in gaming, and it hints more at the interest people have in the game than anything else. 

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