Terraria: Best Mage Weapons

Terraria fans have plenty of ways to cause chaos, and magic is a great option. Here are the best Mage weapons in the game.

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If you’re looking for the best magic weapons in Terraria, there are plenty of options throughout the game. Terraria is a robust 2D experience that turns the sandbox formula into a side-scrolling adventure. With plenty of lands to explore and a crafting system to help you along, Terraria offers lots of ground for you to cover, from the magic options to beyond. Magic weapons like Solar Eruption, Frostbolt, and Magic Missile are powerful assets that you can get a hold of in Terraria, just as long as you know where to look.

What are Mage Weapons in Terraria?

Mage weapons are a specific kind of weapon that you can find in Terraria if you craft for long enough. They use mana as ammunition, creating magical attacks that can deal damage and give players a huge advantage. If you want magical weapons, you can craft them yourself.

You can also find them if you explore enough throughout the game world. There are many types of mage weapons available, such as magic guns, wands, spellbooks, magic weapons, and rods. Each does something different, making them excellent loot to find and satisfying tools to build as you progress in Terraria.

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Which Magic Weapons Are The Best in Terraria?

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There are plenty of great magic weapons in Terraria; the only issue is finding them. If you want to play the game organically but also want to know when you’ve found something good, it may be a good idea to just keep an eye out for a few select names. That way, if you come across good loot, you’ll know to give these weapons some extra priority.

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Some of the best weapons you can obtain in Terraria are the following:

  • The Crystal Serpent: The Crystal Serpent shoots an energy beam straight through, going through enemies even if there are more than a few bodies in the way. You can obtain this weapon by fishing in The Hallow.
  • The Bee Gun: The Bee Gun does just what you think it does. It shoots bees out of the gun, attacking enemies and dealing some pretty heavy damage. Being Lord of the Bees can be really helpful. If you’re after the Bee Gun for your playthrough, consider taking down the Queen Bee, who has a 1 out of 3 chance of dropping it.
  • The Golden Shower: Shooting golden bubbles, The Golden Shower is actually pretty good damage-wise. The spray pattern swaps as you use it, making it a great weapon for multiple foes. If you want to craft the Golden Shower, you’ll need Crimson.
  • The Nimbus Rod: The Nimbus Rod creates multiple clouds that reap constant damage as long as they are placed in a specific spot. Using the Nimbus Rod can be useful for taking on bosses, or catching enemies with damage if they try to run away. To get your hands on a Nimbus Rod, you’ll need to defeat a Nimbus. To find a Nimbus, you’ll need to be playing Hardmode while waiting for rain to come.
  • The Life Drain: If you need healing, consider finding The Life Drain. Once you take down the Crimson Mimic, this Life Drain mage weapon can be a help in two ways. To get the Life Drain, you’ll need to defeat the Crimson Mimic, in the Underground Crimson biome.
  • The Razor Blade Typhoon: It sounds exactly like it’s titled. The Razor Blade Typhoon is great for close combat, shooting out razor blades in a curving pattern of assault. To get this magic weapon, fight the Duke Fishron, who has a 20% of dropping the item.
  • The Magnet Sphere: The Magnet Sphere is a magical weapon that is great for handling many enemies at once. The moving ball, or Magnet Sphere, that you summon can handle more than a few enemies in your favor. To try for getting one yourself, you can find one from Blue Armored Bones, Hell Armored Bones, and Rusty Armored Bones in the Plantera Dungeon.
  • The Shadow Beam Staff: The Shadow Beam Staff is one of the most powerful magic items out there. It shoots a beam of shadow energy, sporting quite the range in addition to being able to hit multiple enemies at once. If you want to use this crowd-control weapon for yourself. you need to start defeating Necromancers in the Hardmode Dungeon for a chance to find it.
  • The Last Prism: The Last Prism is a rainbow-colored beaming weapon. It’s a great one to have indeed, but the price for getting it is first defeating the Moon Lord.
  • The Waterbolt: The Waterbolt is a water ball-lobbing magical weapon. The ball ricochets multiple times before disappearing. You can only find Waterbold in the Dungeon, hidden to appear just like a book.