How to make silk in Terraria

Give your Terraria home a silky touch.

Standing next to a Loom to make Silk in Terraria

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Whether you need a simple early-game Bed to rest until dawn or are placing a Solar Sofa in the chambers of your endgame mansion, silk is an important resource you will need throughout your adventure in Terraria. Besides beds and sofas, silk can also be used to craft a variety of vanity clothing, such as the Tuxedo Shirt or Plaguebringer’s Cloak. Whatever the case, understanding how you can make silk in Terraria is something every newcomer should learn within the first few hours of their playtime. 

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How to make a loom to craft silk in Terraria

Using a Furnace Sawmill and Workbench to make a Loom for crafting Silk in Terraria
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Silk is made using a crafting station in Terraria known as the loom, a simple structure made using wood × 12 of any type. From the start of your journey, you will encounter wooded areas with plenty of trees that can be chopped down for an abundance of lumber. However, regardless of how much wood you have, the loom cannot be assembled until you have acquired a sawmill, another crafting station primarily used for making decorative and practical furniture for your home. You can make a sawmill by combing the following resources at a workbench: wood × 12, lead/iron bar × 2, and chain × 1. 

Iron bars are refined in a Furnace using iron ore, a common mineral in Terraria that you will discover while exploring the early-game sections of the underground biomes. The furnace is made using stone blocks, wood, and several torches. Once you have enough lead or iron bars, combine five of them at a work bench to make an anvil, the crafting station you need to make a chain for your sawmill. Once you have made your sawmill and set up your loom, you can start making silk in Terraria using cobwebs.

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Cobwebs can be found randomly spawned across underground tunnels and caverns, but you can find them in large clusters inside Spider Caves. Later in the game, once you have an Alchemy Table, you can brew Dangersense Potions, which highlight the areas where Cobwebs can be found. After you have found a Spider Cave, you can use the biome as a means to farm webbing for your silk production in Terraria.