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Monster Hunter Rise demo friend list lag bug will be fixed for game's full launch
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The 10 Best Dango to eat in Monster Hunter Rise

The perfect dango before embarking on a hunt in Monster Hunter Rise.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Before starting a hunt in Monster Hunter: Rise, make sure you have the best dango for the Monster you’re about to fight. Each creature will be significantly different, and the dango you eat will provide a series of passive buffs to boost your chances of completing an adventure. In this guide, we’re going to cover the 10 best dango to Monster Hunter: Rise.

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The Top 10 Dango in Monster Hunter Rise


The Analeptic dango boosts your Medic skill, which means you receive additional health whenever you use a recovery item. This dango increases the effectiveness of every healing item you use during a hunt, which is something nearly every hunter will want to have at their disposal. If you have not unlocked this one, the Medicinal dango works fine as a substitute, but it’s not as powerful as Analeptic.

Any resistance Dango

The type of Resistance dango you want to use will vary on the type of Monster you hunt. These dango are the Waterfall, Lava-hot Egg, Spicejolt, Sub-Zero, and Dragonsbane options, protecting your hunter from particular Monster-type attacks. We recommend checking your hunter manual to see the types of attacks a creature will use against you before making your decision, but these are always good to have as one of your three dango options.


You receive two effects when eating this dango. First, your weapon sharpening skill increases, meaning you can jump back into a fight much faster, and the second is your Large Barrel Bombs become Mega Barrel Bombs. The second skill effect, the Mega Barrel Bombs, is a situational benefit, but they become useful when a monster runs away from your party and falls asleep. You can place the Mega Barrel Bombs down while the creature is sleeping, surprising them with massive damage.


The Dizzybloom increases your chances of stunning a monster during combat. You can stun a monster by tiring them out, consistently attacking them during battle, and then attempting to hit their head. It can be tricky to stun a monster properly, but those using Blunt-based weapons have a much easier time with it. For those who prefer a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that does Blunt damage, we highly recommend grabbing this dango to buy a few seconds for your party to do additional damage to a monster.


For any hunter consistently on the move, the Invigorating dango is a superb option when you find yourself repeatedly out of stamina. This dango reduces the amount of stamina you use any time you perform a dodge, block, or use your stamina gauge in combat. Of course, you won’t always want to have this dango in your rotation, but if your equipment and weapon demand a good chunk of your stamina, it’s a good idea to add it as one of your three choices. Every weapon and character requires stamina in Monster Hunter, and it never hurts to use less.

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The Magnacrisp dango is another choice with two skills attached to it. There’s the chance to prevent your hunter from fainting when their health reaches zero, and the other is it greatly increases your hunter’s attack while their health is dangerously low. The dango is a double-edged sword. If you have not fallen during a hunt yet, there’s the grace of being picked back up after fainting, and you want the attack boost from having low health.

However, if you’ve already recovered from fainting, you want to be more careful and not chase after the attack boost. You receive fewer rewards each time you faint during a hunt. Therefore, we recommend carefully selecting this dango and discussing with your party members if this is something you should consider grabbing.


The Spud-luck is a highly effective dango and something nearly all coordinated Monster Hunts should have one hunter grab. With it, any large creature you hunt has an increased chance of being weaker than usual, which means it won’t be as difficult to defeat. Of course, there’s always a chance this will not activate during a hunt, but it doesn’t hurt to have one hunter use this before embarking from the village. This effect works on any high rank hunt.

Super Bestnut

For those who plan to endure a lot of damage, the Super Bestnut dango is an excellent challenge. When this dango activates, there’s a good chance your defenses will increase whenever you take a hit, reducing the amount of damage your hunter takes. You may want to do this when using a heavy weapon, or you’re trying out something new and haven’t quite figured out every detail of your moveset. You may want to grab this when facing powerful creatures like Rajang or Tigrex.

Very Hap-Peanut

When you’re confident of all the stats on your hunter, a good way to reap the benefits of completing a hunt is with the Very Hap-Peanut. When this dango activates, it increases the number of reward items you receive at the end of a quest. You may want to grab this if you’re overly confident of the outcome of a particular hunt and you’re trying to earn specific rewards that have a chance to drop at the end of a mission.

Wealthy Man

The final dango we’re going to recommend is the Wealthy Man. You want to eat this dango when you’re confident about the hunt’s outcome. You will receive an increased amount of zenny at the end of a hunt, which you use whenever you need more equipment, supplies, or you’re building towards a weapon you want to use with your precious monster materials.

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