The 10 best Dark type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There’s honestly too many great options.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have brought with them a bunch of new and exciting Pokémon for players to enjoy and catch. It has also returned some fan favorites to the game, and of course, remixed some of the existing ones we have. Along with the older and newer Pokémon, the Dark-type Pokémon have also returned, in grand style, with plenty of new Dark-types being added. There are so many Dark-types coming through from the Four Treasures of Ruin that it can be incredibly hard to choose which ones to go with. The best option is to choose based on what you feel is missing from your team, that being said, this is our top 10 best Dark-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

10. Grimmsnarl

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Grimmsnarl has a very high Attack with 120 as its base and a decent Sp. Atk at 95. However, its Defense and low Speed leave it at a disadvantage. One thing Grimmsnarl does have is a double immunity to Psychic and Dragon-type moves, as well as no 4x Weaknesses. Prankster or Frisk are both decent Ability moves, and its Hidden Ability Pickpocket is pretty good too.

9. Zoroark

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Zoroark may be at the lower end of this list, but it is still a very powerful addition to any team. It boasts a decent speed, clocking in at 105, Sp. Atk at 120, and Attack stat at base level 105, powering through most teams it comes across. As Zoroark is only a Dark-type Pokémon, you won’t encounter any 4x weaknesses, and you’ll enjoy the immunity from Psychic attacks. Zoroark’s Ability Illusion will help you hide your Pokémon if need be.

8. Krookodile

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Certainly a stylish creature, it boasts a Ground and Dark-type pairing, which grants it immunity to Electric and Psychic attacks, without suffering 4x weaknesses. Krookodile is much slower than Zoroark, with less in the way of Sp. Atk comes in with 65, but it outclasses Zoroark with higher HP at 95, Attack at 117, and Defense at 80. Krookodile also has more useful Abilities, such as either Intimidate, Moxie, and a Hidden Ability Anger Point.

7. Umbreon

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Umbreon is the Dark Evolution of Eevee. A pure Dark-type it doesn’t suffer any 4x weaknesses and enjoys Psychic immunity. Umbreon isn’t the fastest on this list, but it boasts an impressive Sp. Def of 130, Defense of 110, and a healthy HP pool of 95. Its base ability is Synchronize which copies the condition it gives to the user, and a Hidden Ability Inner Focus.

6. Meowscarada

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The final evolution of the Grass-type starter, Meowscarada clocks in at 123 Speed at a base level, and an impressive 110 Attack. Being a Grass and Dark-type, they do suffer a 4x weakness to Bug-types, so play carefully. While they lack in other stats, their Ability Overgrow is quite punishing in the right circumstance, and their Hidden Ability Protean is highly useful.

5. Kingambit

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Kingambit might not win any races for Speed with a base of 50, but they’re not going to run out of HP anytime soon. They’re also incredibly high up on the attack stat, coming in at 135, with 120 Defense. They also suffer a 4x weakness to Fighting-types, being that they’re a hybrid Steel and Dark-type. Kingambit can either have Defiant or Supreme Overlord as their Ability, and their Hidden Ability is Pressure.

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4. Chi-Yu

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This fiery fish is one of many possibilities that could claim the number four slot. However, due to Chi-Yu not having a 4x weakness, as well as its ability Beads of Ruin which lowers Sp. Def of all Pokémon by 25% it deserves this place. Combining its Ability with its top-tier 135 Sp. Atk, it can easily cut down foes. It’s also pretty speedy, with 100 as its base Speed.

3. Roaring Moon

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Roaring Moon is the Paradox Salamence and is only available in Pokémon Scarlet. It has a whopping base Speed of 119 as well as 105 in HP meaning it can take a lot of hits and set up powerful attacks. It also has a higher base Attack than Tyranitar with 139, but it has a much lower Defense. Roaring Moon does suffer a 4x Weakness to Fairy making it easy to take down. Its Ability Protosynthesis is powerful if holding a Booster Energy.

2. Hydreigon

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Another Pokémon Scarlet exclusive, Hydreigon is a Dragon and Dark-type Pokémon. With a lower HP pool, but still, at an impressive 92 base stat, Hydreigon can take damage. It’s pretty hard-hitting with its Attack at 105, but it’s Sp. Atk comes in at a deadly 125. It’s also not slow, with a 98 as its Base Speed. Hydreigon has the Ability Levitate, granting it immunity to Ground-type and Spike moves.

1. Tyranitar

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Tyranitar may look like a Pokémon ready to breathe fire at you, but it’s more likely to slap you with a rock. This Rock Dark-type Pokémon has enough in its stats that it’s a real threat. With 100 base points into HP, 134 in Attack, 110 to Defense, and 100 in Sp. Def, it’s a definite threat. However, it’s slow enough that can easily be taken down, especially due to its 4x weakness to Fighting types. Its Abilities are also situational, with Sand Stream likely to damage your own team if you’re not careful about your switches, and its Hidden Ability Unnerve is decent.