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The 10 best wallpaper designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Home is where the wallpaper is.

Many players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons make it a personal mission to decorate their homes with intricate detail. From furniture and appliances to windows and wallpapers, everything would follow a theme and tell a story. Players take pride in their accomplishments and invite other players into their homes to show them off. Fortunately, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to wallpapers, so it’s up to you to decide which design you like and which one matches your aesthetic. Though the final choice is always subjective, some are still more intricate than others. That’s why we have picked our best 10 choices for wallpapers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Top 10 wallpapers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

10. Glowing-moss Cave Wall

Image via DIY Recipes app

This fun vibrant cavern wall looks so full of life and wonder. It’s a craftable item, made out of 10 Clay and 10 Glowing-moss after obtaining the recipe from Message Bottles.

9. Cabin Wall

Image via Nookipedia

You can build your home into a cozy cabin by using warm brown log wallpapers. This wallpaper is crafted from 15 pieces of Hardwood after receiving the recipe from Peppy villagers.

8. Dark wooden-mosaic wall

Image via Nookipedia

Gloomy yet inviting, this wall looks simple, but the color and hue can combine well with dozens of items. You can get the recipe from Big Sister villagers and craft it out of 15 pieces of Wood.

7. Iceberg Wall

Image via Nookipedia

If you fancy making an icebound base for yourself with a white-and-blue theme, this wallpaper can do the trick. You can get the recipe from Balloons, and it takes 1 Large Snowflake and 8 Snowflakes to craft.

6. Sci-fi Wall

Image via Nookipedia

Turn your home into a space-faring spaceship by using this wallpaper to provide viewing ports. It is crafted from 1 Large Star Fragment and 5 Star Fragments, and you can get the recipe from Celeste.

5. Mermaid Wall

Image via DIY Recipes app

After giving Pascal the Scallop, you will get the recipe for this fancy oceanic wall, with pastel blues and pinks. You can then craft it from 2 Pearls, 2 Sea Snails, 2 Sand Dollars, 2 Giant Clams, and 2 Cowries.

4. Dark Chocolate Wall

Image via Nookipedia

Why not have a wall made out of chocolate bars? It’s dark, fancy, and looks good enough to eat. You can buy this wallpaper from Saharah for 3,000 Bells or 5 Saharah Tickets.

3. Forest Wall

Image via DIY Recipes app

Using this wallpaper, you can build your home to look like a cozy woodland camp surrounded by a vibrant forest. You can obtain the recipe from Balloons during Mushroom Season, and then craft it from 2 Elegant Mushrooms, 2 Round Mushrooms, 2 Skinny Mushrooms, 2 Flat Mushrooms, and 10 Wood.

2. Diner Wall

Image via Nookipedia

Outfit your home to look like a diner and everyone will immediately feel welcome. This wallpaper comes in blue, brown, gray, and pink variants, and can be bought for 2,420 Bells from Nook’s Cranny.

1. Stormy Night Wall

Image via Nookipedia

The best wallpaper is the animated stormy skies, with rain showers and lightning giving a very atmospheric look to your home. This wallpaper can be bought from Saharah for 3,000 Bells or 5 Saharah Tickets.

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