The 10 hottest Pokemon trainers, Ranked

Things are about to get sweaty in here.

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A “hottest trainers list” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when playing the Pokemon games. However, many players have started to feel a certain way for some of these funny and charming trainers while exploring this amazing world. Of course, we’re not ones to judge. This is exactly why we decided to give you a list of the 10 hottest Pokemon trainers in the franchise’s history, ranked.

Who are the hottest Pokemon trainers?

Many good characters that can rank very well here. However, these are the best of the best, the hottest trainers the Pokemon games and anime have to offer:

10) Lorelei

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We’re gonna start strong with one of the first Elite Four trainers most of us have ever encountered. Lorelei does not only impress with her looks but also with her strong Ice/Water lineup. She was also shown in the anime as an idol for Misty and a good teacher to Ash. Even though she has a calculating, pragmatic persona, FireRed/LeafGreen players can find out that she likes collecting dolls and that her Lapras has been with her since childhood. This shows a more sensitive side to her which makes Lorelei even more likable.

9) Steven

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For some, Steven is a kind rock collector. For others, he is the most powerful trainer in the Hoenn region. He is a very helpful character in all the games he appears in, even giving you a chance to capture Latios/Latias in HeartGold/SoulSilver. Steven is a smart researcher that might sometimes be more preoccupied with rocks rather than fighting. He additionally gave up being the champion in Pokemon Emerald to concentrate on his research. For us, his happy-go-lucky personality was enough for him to reach number nine on the hottest Pokemon trainers list.

8) Olivia

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Though you might have to compete with Brock for her affection, Olivia is one of the hottest Pokemon trainers you can find in the Alola region. She has a lot of screen time in the anime, showing us her kind and graceful personality. She is also shown to be a bit of a klutz, which for many anime lovers is a big plus. Pokemon Sun/Moon players will have the opportunity to face her Rock-type lineup twice during the game.

7) Karen

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This pokemon trainer has that villain allure that many of the trainers on this list are missing. Karen is the last combatant of Indigo’s Elite Four and uses Dark-type Pokemon to defeat the competitors. She likes to talk about choosing Pokemon based on personal opinion rather than on objective strength. Karen is also shown as a cautious and cynical person in Pokemon Masters EX. Similarly, this promotes the idea that she might be a misunderstood and complex character.

6) Leon

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One of the coolest Pokemon champions out there, Leon deserves a spot on this hottest Pokemon trainers list. Not only is he a great trainer, but Leon is also very charismatic, ambitious, and funny. His whole “king” persona is interesting to see, as the players try to reach the heights he reached when he was 10 years old. His only problem seems to be his sense of direction, which is often joked about in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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5) Nessa

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Most of the trainers on this list have been champions or Elite Four members. Nessa, meanwhile, is the first gym leader we have featured. She was an instant fan favorite when Pokemon Sword and Shield came out and still gets praised daily for her cool personality and amazing looks. However, underneath her cool-and-calm persona, there is a fiery competitor that wants to win it all. Not only is she popular with the franchise’s fans, but she is also renowned in the Pokemon world for her trainer skills and work as a model.

4) Riley

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Riley might be the only one here that isn’t some amazingly powerful trainer with a weird backstory. You can meet him by venturing to the Iron Island in the Sinnoh region. He will help the player fight through team Galactic enemies and give an egg as a gift at the end of the adventure. This egg will hatch and give you a Riolu. Riley has been shown as a kind, insightful, and knowledgeable character that any trainer would like at their side.

3) Elesa

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She first appears as an extravagant supermodel in Pokemon Black and White and changes her look for Black 2 and White 2. She has a bubbly personality that fits her look in her first installment, and Elesa’s appearance is, as stated by herself, more “reserved” in the second installment. The fans’ opinion is that she looks great in both generations.

2) N

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N is one of the best rivals and antagonists in the Pokemon series. Not only are his ideals pure and kind-hearted, but he is also a great trainer. N is more of an anti-hero rather than a villain, as he tries to create a new world for Pokemon and humans alike. If it weren’t for one other trainer, N would easily top the hottest Pokemon trainers list.

1) Cynthia

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Everyone knows Cynthia. We especially know her theme song while all our Pokemon are trying very hard not to faint. She is the champion of the Sinnoh region and one of your greatest allies against team Galactic. She is intelligent, ambitious, curious, and kind. Cynthia will always help rookie and veteran trainers improve. She has been dubbed the hottest Pokemon trainer out there a long time ago and the title still stands.