The 5 best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Just a handful of ARs are worth dropping in with.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is filled with large maps, and there’s no better type of weapon to bring to these than an assault rifle. The class is popular for its capabilities at close to medium ranges, and the game holds several ARs that go above and beyond to prove this. However, it is apparent not all are created equal, with some rifles having more power and accuracy than others. Here is our countdown of the five best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

What are the best ARs in MW2?

5) TAQ-56

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The TAQ-56 is MW2’s iteration of the SCAR, holding impressive range and accuracy that any assault rifle user would adore. It is also tied for the third-highest damage stat in the category. On paper, the TAQ-56 is a respectable, well-rounded weapon that even beginners can shine with. The same can be said about the M4, a gun that beats it out in almost any situation. So, as great as the TAQ-56 is, we only recommend it to those sick of the M4 or players confident enough in the loadout they build around it.

4) Lachmann-556

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It may look like the Lachmann Sub, but the Lachmann-556 is anything but. This overpowered hunk of metal is one of the best guns for distant battles, dazzling the highest range and fire rate stats of all assault rifles. But players shouldn’t expect this to translate well in close to medium-range fights. Unless given the appropriate attachments, the Lachmann-556 can be painfully slow regarding its supplied movement and ADS speeds. Altogether, the AR can take out its fair share of snipers, though opposing SMGs and shotguns are clearly its downfall.

3) STB 556

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Although the M4 and Lachman-556 are incredibly powerful, some may eventually find their base weapons’ recoil to be too intrusive — and that’s where the STB 556 comes into play. It is surely the most accurate gun of the bunch, sporting absolutely no recoil and the highest accuracy in the class. Its fire rate certainly leaves more to be desired, but just a couple of attachments can make the STB 556 a top-tier medium-range devastator.

2) Kastov 762

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We urge players to be aware of the Kastov 762. Yes, its base variant only succeeds at close-range due to its chaotic kick and disappointing accuracy, but the Gunsmith has the potential to shape it into one of the greatest guns in the game. That is because the rifle deals more damage than its counterparts, and solving its aiming issues with a fitting barrel and underbarrel makes the Kastov 762 overwhelmingly dominant. This will require you to level up its entire Kastovia Weapon Platform, but the grind will surely pay off.

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1) M4

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It is jarring to think the M4 is readily available the moment players boot up the game. Similar to the STB 556, the weapon is shockingly accurate. Though, it separates itself from the group with a time-to-kill, very few can match, all thanks to its extraordinary fire rate and blistering damage. This ultimately allows the gun to secure eliminations within just four shots — something that may end up getting the M4 nerfed in the future. In sum, the classic piece of machinery can be superior at any range, even if it does not rock any attachments.