The 5 best characters in Garena Free Fire

Change up your playstyle with some of the best characters in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire

Image via Garena Studios

Few games make their own signature mark on the battle royale genre. You survive by picking off players as you escape an ever-shrinking map. It’s a simple concept that Garena Free Fire expands upon with unique characters.

Rather than everyone play the same John or Jane Doe, pick from a roster of unique characters, each with their passive or activated ability. But of course, that tends to mean some characters have better abilities than others. Let’s take a look at five of the best characters in Garena Free Fire.



You’d be surprised at how much movement speed gives you an edge over other players. And Joseph has that in spades with bonus movement speed to both running and sprinting by 10 percent after he takes damage. It’s way harder to hit a moving target, and even harder when that someone is using touchscreen controls.


It’s one thing to play with friends and bring about a coordinated effort, and it’s another to be stuck with a bunch of random players. Every single one of them acts as a silent protagonist. Moco is just the kind of character you should play if you solo often. Her Hacker’s Eye can tag enemies for two seconds, revealing their position for everyone on the team to see.


Outlast II

Space is precious in Garena Free Fire, and inventory management is crucial. For Paloma, AR ammo doesn’t take up your inventory slots, at least at max rank. It starts at 30 AR rounds, then gradually adds more until you can virtually hold as much AR ammo as you want. The perfect character for anyone in love with ARs.


This world-famous DJ, Alok, can be a game-changer, but only if you’re playing with a team that can coordinate and protect him. His special ability is Drop the Beat, a five-meter aura that gives nearby allies 10 percent bonus movement speed and five HP regeneration every five seconds.


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Taking aim and firing at someone immediately marks your location on the maps’ of everyone nearby. It’s a dead giveaway and paints a target on your back. For Rafael, that isn’t a problem. Dead Silent, his passive, gives you eight whole seconds to fire as you see fit without worrying about your cover being blown. Be aware: it’s on a 90-second cooldown.

Shani (Honorable Mention)

Shani’s ability Gear Recycle can undoubtedly be argued as one of the best abilities in the game. Being able to regenerate 10 armor durability every time you get a kill is fantastic. However, the second part of her passive gives far more of an incentive to kill by rewarding players an upgrade to better armor if they’re already capping out. Unfortunately, her passive can only be used to its fullest potential if you can get used to the touch screen controls.