The best Arcane build and weapons in Elden Ring

Now you can be a master of the Arcane arts.

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Developer FromSoftware has always offered various starting classes for all of their prior releases. Elden Ring is undoubtedly no different. All of the classes are capable of end-game content, but Arcane builds are more obscure than the rest. This guide will go through some tremendous Arcane weapons and a top-notch build.

Dragon Communion Seal

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The Dragon Communion Seal is used for Dragon incantations. These skills are some of the most powerful spells in the game. It only requires 10 arcane to use and is quite potent if mixed in with a high Faith and Arcane build.

Bloody Helice

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Bloody Helice has high innate blood loss build-up. Arcane can also assist in status effects proccing on enemies when afflicted with it. Bloody Helice also has a great weapon art that dodges most attacks before following up with a powerful thrust. These are the base stats required to wield this weapon.

  • Strength – 16
  • Dexterity – 19

Serpent Bow

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The Serpent Bow is a powerful ranged weapon with a lot of build potential for PVP builds. It can inflict poison and blood with the right arrow combination, and this combined effect can devastate unsuspecting players during invasions. These are the stat requirements for this powerful bow.

  • Strength – 8
  • Dexterity – 15
  • Arcane – 11

Rivers of Blood

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If not the best weapon in all of Elden Ring, the best Arcane weapon is the Rivers of Blood katana. This weapon causes bleed quickly, and its weapon art will melt any enemy hit by it. It features a six-hit blood combo that will cause a massive damage burst if all six hits land successfully. These are the base stats if you want to weird this deadly armament.

  • Strength – 12
  • Dexterity – 19
  • Arcane – 20

Arcane Build

The best Arcane build resolves around the Rivers of Blood katana and the Serpent Bow. This build is potent and can effortlessly crush most bosses throughout the game.

Here are the stats to aim for when using these two weapons.

Vigor – 40
Mind – 15
Endurance – 20
Strength – 15
Dexterity – 40
Intelligence – 7
Faith – 15
Arcane – 40

This build will allow you to maximize movement and agility while also maintaining maximum damage output with these two powerful Arcane based weapons.