Where to find the Bloody Helice in Elden Ring

Fancy bloodletting.

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The Bloody Helice is a Heavy Thrusting Sword in Elden Ring found in the Writheblood Ruins in the northwest of the Altus Plateau.

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The weapon comes with high inherent blood loss buildup and one of the most stylish Ashes of War in the game: Dynast’s Finesse. Paired with a blood-infused Godskin Sticher, Great Epee, or an upgraded Dragon King’s Cragblade, and you’ve got a powerful combination. The Helice is also the weapon of choice for All Remembrance speedruns, which kill all major bosses.

The Writheblood Ruins are filled with enemies that, like the Helice, are great at causing bleed. The easiest way to get there is to take the northern road around the Minor Erdtree and the Windmill Village. If you’ve found the Bridge of Inequity Site of Grace in Mt. Gelmir, head east from there.

Head to the easternmost set of ruined buildings, and you should see a staircase surrounded by blood slimes.

Head down the stairs and through the boss fog, where you’ll need to defeat the Sanguine Noble to access the treasure room. The Noble hits hard and will cause blood loss in two or three hits either from his thrown daggers, the Helice he holds, or the blood daggers he throws when you’re not close to him. He can also parry almost any attack in the game, so if he crosses his sword and knife in front of him, don’t attack with melee weapons. You will end up with a blade in your gut.

Taking down the Sanguine Noble clears the golden fog at the back of the room and the exit. Raise the steel door and loot the treasure chest to receive the Bloody Helice.

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It takes Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade, making it cheaper and easier to improve. The Dynast’s Finesse Ash of War has invincibility frames on the initial backstep, making the first lunge a powerful counterattack. The two follow-up strikes eat Stamina for supper and don’t deal the damage of the initial poke, so they’re best used when you can assure they connect.