The best Barbarian skills and abilities to get first in Diablo IV

Spin to win all over again.

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The Barbarian is a classic Diablo class that has changed dramatically in Diablo IV. It is the quintessential get-in-your-face-and-smash-it-up character and used to be a one trick pony primarily. Spin to win is often attributed directly to the Diablo Barbarian, and you can absolutely continue that legacy in Diablo IV. Thankfully, this class has matured a great deal and has a multitude of excellent skills and abilities to pick from. This guide will determine the best skills and abilities to learn while leveling up your Barbarian in Diablo IV.

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The best Barbarian skills and abilities in Diablo IV

As you level up the Barbarian, you will unlock a vast array of different melee-focused attacks that share similar descriptions. However, in the game, their effects are very different from each other. Knowing which skills to invest in can be tricky, but here are the best early-game skills to use with your Barbarian class.

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We suggest picking these abilities when using this ferocious and upfront damage dealer in Diablo IV.

  • Flay: Basic attack that generates Fury and deals bleeding damage over time.
  • Rend: A cleaving attack that deals physical and bleeding damage to enemies in front of you.
  • Whirlwind: The classic spin to win tornado of damage that hits all surrounding enemies.
  • Iron Skin: Grants a barrier that absorbs 50% of your missing life for five seconds.
  • Challenging Shout: Taunt all nearby enemies and gain 40% damage reduction for eight seconds.
  • Aggressive Resistance: Passive ability that grants additional damage reduction while Berserking.
  • Swiftness: Increase base movement speed.

This selection of skills will let the Barbarian bring enemies close and protect them while allowing them to attack all foes drawn near with significant damage. The Flay and Rend abilities are excellent skills to use when you’re fighting nimble PvP opponents or a demanding world boss with many health points to whittle down.