The best Fidough fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pictures of a precious, precoscious pup.

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There is no shortage of cute new Pokémon in the new Scarlet and Violet releases, with the Internet having previously gone crazy for the adorable Lechonk, a pig-like Pokémon with a sad-looking face. Now, with the full reveal of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet out in the wild, there are new kids on the block for players everywhere to love.

One of the cuddlies hast to be Fidough, a canine Pokémon made of pastries. As is expected, artists across the Pokémon community were quick to create all kinds of fanart about the puffed-up pup, and we’re cataloging some of the best of them here.

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Best Fidough fanart

Following its official Pokemon Presents reveal, there are now hundreds and hundreds of Fidough art pieces already circulating, but the ones shown here are some of the best.

Squishy and fun, Fidough is no doubt friend to all Trainers, as @Teatimerabbit‘s art shows.

We might not be able to see nearly as many expressions in-game, there is art aplenty to showcase all of Fidough’s forms. Here’s @aurumeclipse showing us just some.

The community has settled on a catchphrase for Fidough: “So…basically, I’m very smol.” Here is @Wivimon showing them saying so.

Fidough is both small and happy. Here is @BloomingLynx showing them off alongside some not-quite-as adorable bits of bread.

There is a long tradition of squishing dog cheeks on the Internet. Fidough is no exception, as @anthrxphobix shows us here.

Fidough is not the first precious pup to grace Pokemon, as @Hatsubara_8chan shows. Here they are alongside Yamper, the Corgi Pokemon, from Sword and Shield.

Two Fidough are better than one. @Whiart121 put a pair of them atop one another for your viewing pleasure.

Morning coffee? Nah. Morning Fidough is better. Pokemon-themed food maker @cupcakedex knows that very well.

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