The best Citrine build in Warframe (2023) – Best mods and Archon Shards

A top-tier support hero.

image via Digital Extremes

In Warframes latest update, titled Citrine’s Last Wish, the title character was added as a playable Frame. Citrine is a hybrid support character capable of buffing and supporting the group but also dealing damage and surviving in a solo mission. She resembles geodes, and her abilities feature a strong diamond and gem-inspired motif. This is the best Citrine build and Mods in Warframe.

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The best Citrine build in Warframe

Citrine is the 52nd Warframe added to the game, and she was designed to primarily support the group rather than be the best damage character in a mission. If you build her correctly, she can thrive in group and solo play. This build focuses on keeping a high reserve of Energy and ensuring her powers are reaching everybody on the team and crowd control.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will have to use several Forma on her to equip and fit these Mods. We also suggest you equip her with two Amber Archon Shards, two Crimson Amber Shards, and one Azure Amber Shard to maximize her play style. Opt for these five Archon Shard buffs.

  • +100% effectiveness on Health orbs.
  • +50% effectiveness on Energy orbs.
  • +10% ability strength.
  • +10% ability duration.
  • +150 armor.

With those Archon Shards, use this set of Mods.

  • Adaptation – Grants damage resistance to damage types received recently, stacking up to 90%.
  • Blind Rage – increases Ability Strength while reducing Ability Efficiency of your abilities.
  • Archon Continuity – increases Ability Duration and causes Toxin abilities to cause Corrosive damage.
  • Arcane Stretch – increases Ability Range and briefly grants Energy Regeneration when an ability deals Electricity damage.
  • Archon Vitality – that increases Health and doubles Heat for abilities that can inflict them.
  • Energy Syphon
  • Prime Flow – Increases the Maximum Energy reserve of a Warframe.
  • Prime Sure Footed – Chance to resist knockdown, up to 100%.
  • Streamline – Increases the Ability Efficiency of Warframe abilities.
  • Umbral Intensify – Increases the Ability Strength of Warframe abilities. Stacks when combined with Umbral Mods.

How to use Citrine in Warframe

Screenshot by Gamepur

Citrine is a support first Frame, and the build above is designed to take full advantage of her ability to buff the group and inflict heavy status ailments to enemies. This build emphasizes her Prismatic Gem ability. This ability deploys a gem that shoots prismatic beams. The gem targets enemies taking weapon damage from Citrine and her allies. Its beams inflict Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity Status Effects. Status Chance and Status Duration increase for nearby allies.

This ability, paired with the Archon Mods, will keep debuffing enemies in a large area of effect with a massive list of elemental ailments. This makes her an excellent choice regardless of difficulty level or enemy type. In between casting her Prismatic Gem, use her Fractured Blast to provide the team with a dose of Healing and Energy orbs.

This build will allow her to supply the group while minimizing the strength of enemy forces, even in the most difficult Steel Path content.