The best classes in Final Fantasy XIV Online

What class should you pick in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Screengrab via Square Enix

There are several classes that you can pick from when creating your character in Final Fantasy XIV Online. What’s nice is that when your class becomes a job, you can change that job out from one of the other choices. It means you’ll never have to make multiple characters, but you do have to level them up each time you want to progress through a new one. What are some of the best classes for you to choose in Final Fantasy XIV Online?


The Arcanist is a Disciple of Magic that grants you a pet companion, turning you into a ranged, magical DPS class. However, you’ll have the choice to go down the line of becoming the DPS Summoner or the Scholar. The Arcanist is a solid starting class for choosing a varied option when you go into your first job. If you ever want to swap into the opposite choice, you’ll be able to do so, and it should be the same level as your current job.


The Conjurer is another Disciple of Magic class that you can pick with a more focused healing role. The job you can select to become after reaching level 30 will be White Mage, one of the better starting healers as it offers the most approachable abilities and attack rotations for a group. Picking a healing job is always tricky, but the White Mage is one of the best ways to choose when you’re initially starting in Final Fantasy XIV Online.


The Gladiator is a Disciple of War class that is a tank role. Your role is to grab the attention of every enemy facing your team and have their attention on you. The Gladiator has you become the Paladin job, one of the easier tank jobs you can start within the game. They have a few healing abilities that can be used in a pinch to offer a party’s healer reprieve from the constant mana drain, along with few barrier spells. While they are among the weakest tank in terms of damage, their defensive capabilities are superb.


The Lancer is a Disciple of War melee class that serves as a DPS role. You’ll be rushing forward into combat using a massive spear, and eventually, your character will become a Dragoon job. The attack combinations a Dragoon has to use utilize. They’re a beneficial team member that at higher levels can boost other party members’ attacks using a tether and provide a critical hit rate increase buff. While the combinations are challenging to master, the Dragoon can be a solid starting job to learn the more difficult ropes of Final Fantasy XIV Online.


The Marauder is another Disciple of War melee class that serves as a tank but does far more damage than a traditional tank would expect to do. The Marauder eventually becomes the Warrior job, a more aggressive tan that can deal a good amount of damage while drawing all of the enemy’s to their location. While a more aggressive tank, the role of this job is to ensure your party members can freely deal damage to all enemies. You might struggle with surviving when learning how to balance this role, but there are several damage reduction and barrier abilities you can use to keep yourself alive.