The best female character presets in Tower of Fantasy

If looks could kill.

Image via Hotta Studio

The popularity of female avatars can not be overstated within MMOs such as Tower of Fantasy, and the precedent is as old as EverQuest. Females tend to get more creative apparel options, better accessories, and simply fit into stories better than their male counterparts — there’s a reason the FemShep trend began.

So in an anime-styled game such as Tower of Fantasy giving players a host of tools to create their perfect female avatar, the number of possibilities could very well feel overwhelming for some users. Thankfully, this free-to-play MMO has multiple options available to help stem that nasty indecision paralysis, such as importing avatars from other players and developer-created presets.

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How to import a character in Tower of Fantasy

All you need to import a character in Tower of Fantasy is the seven-digit code automatically applied to all characters on creation. You can browse player-created avatars within the lobby of the character creation menu, and upon finding one you like, simply copy and paste the character code to tweak its design to your liking.

Best female Tower of Fantasy character presets

The good news is that thanks to the popularity of female avatars in video games, there are more than double user-created presets for women than there are for men. Here’s our selection of the top five female character presets that you can import and immediately use.

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2B or not to be – 63865

Screenshot by Gamepur

2B is a legend of her own, and we’ve seen her cross into other games before. In the post-dystopic tech world of Aida, the classic appearance of 2B is a natural sight, even without the classic heels that tend to accompany the heroine.

Athletic speed – 8182041

Screenshot by Gamepur

Do you demand long hair and the carefree ability to close the distance? Tie that hair up with a stylish bandanna, add a ponytail, and ensure your jacket has an off-shade match of your hair color and swing for the fences. This character seems to ooze athletic ability — maybe a happy match with those dual-wielding melee weapons?

Feeling blue – 11656

Screenshot by Gamepur

Female characters don’t need to be overly brash and loud with style and substance. Instead, their abilities can speak far louder as a warning, while somehow still being the cutest in the server. This character design is a brilliant example of ‘walk softly and carry a big stick.’

Quiet style – 8181772

Screenshot by Gamepur

Long hair doesn’t work in close combat, despite how glamorous it may appear. Thankfully, Tower of Fantasy has multiple ranged weapons. This wonderful design is perfect for warriors that prefer to strike havoc from a distance, keeping their appearance unscathed.

Short and sensible – 8181799

Screenshot by Gamepur

Conversely, if your combat style is of the up-close-and-personal variety, you’ll want to make sure your locks don’t get tangled in the fray. This character design won’t need to worry about where her hair is flying, letting you focus on your knives, swords, glaives, or anything else you happen to unlock.