The best Fury Warrior talents in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Bottle up the anger, release it on the nearest mob, and repeat.

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The Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is about sustained DPS and building Rage. Properly played, Warrior classes are not only one of the quintessential World of Warcraft players but also some of the strongest. The Fury Warrior’s unique rotations mean there is very little downtime on waiting for procs, resulting in a fast-paced Warrior that can top the DPS charts and shift into a tank with the greatest survivability in the game. Here are the best Fury Warrior talents available in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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Best Warrior Tree talents for Fury Warriors

The Warrior tree is available to all three specs of the Warrior class, but what you’ll want to lean into is dependent on the content you’re attempting to engage, along with your party loadout. A bit of survivability goes a long way for all classes, and the Warrior tree offers a bit of this along with additional burst damage. There are two traits that you’ll want to focus on, however, at the bottom of the tree.

Titan’s Torment

The Titan Torment talent boosts Avatar, offering 20% damage increase for 20 seconds. Upon speccing into Titan’s Torment, Avatar casts Odyn’s Fury, casting 182% fire damage and an additional 84% attack power to all enemies at zero range, for four seconds total. Activating Odyn’s Fury casts Avatar at a reduced power but still offering an increased overall DPS boost which synergizes well with Fury selections.

Spear of Bastion

Spear of Bastion gives Fury Warriors the ability to engage enemies outside of melee distance while also chaining enemies to the spears location. The ability above this, Cruel Strikes, increases crit chance and damage by 2% and 10%, respectively, which is a definite benefit considering Spear of Bastion’s mechanic. The big benefit of the Spear of Bastion is found with the Elysian Might talent just below; however — Spear of Bastion AoE time is increased by two seconds, and staying within the AoE gives an additional 25% critical strike damage.

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Best Fury Tree talents for Fury Warriors

Odyn’s Fury/Titanic Rage

This is our synergy with Titan’s Torment from the Warrior Tree, so picking it is near mandatory if players want to exploit the Avatar spell to its full potential. The following talent of Odyn’s Fury, Titanic Rage, further increases outgoing DPS and grants two additional stacks of whirlwind, which helps cleave enemies. If opting to bypass Titan’s Torment in the Warrior tree, don’t select Odyn’s Fury — these talents aren’t worth the picks by themselves.

Reckless Abandon/Unbridled Ferocity

This is more of a utility pick, but its selection increases the amount of outgoing DPS to the point that it could be a must-pick talent. Reckless abandon gives Recklessness an additional 50 rage, and empowers Rampage as well. The follow-up talent, Unbridled Ferocity, gives a 20% chance for Rampage to proc Recklessness for four seconds, which further increases DPS without adding to the core Fury rotation. The alternative branch, Depths of Insanity, increases Recklessness by four seconds, but with Recklessness’ 90-second cooldown it’s a minor buff that barely registers in terms of additional outgoing DPS.