The best Iono fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans

I’unno, this Iono seems pretty neat.

Screenshot via The Pokémon Company YouTube

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet land on Nintendo Switch on November 18, but there’s already a ton of fanart out there. Whether it’s the Pokémon themselves or human characters, all the new Gen 9 additions are getting lots of love from the community. Given Gym Leader Iono’s career as an influencer, she’s been getting extra attention. Here are some of the best fanart renditions of her that we’ve spotted.

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Let’s start with a doodle from @PixieInktvis, whose style almost makes Iono look like a Genshin Impact character. It’s very impressive for something drawn “real quick.”

If the previous drawing was reminiscent of Genshin Impact, then this one from @HeleBun looks like Iono as an Overwatch hero. Seriously, how are these “super quick” drawings?

A lot of artists are focusing on the cuteness of Iono, and @Sugahri added in a dose of bashfulness too. The chibi quality is really adorable in this one.

Seeing as Iono is Scarlet and Violet’s Electric-type Gym Leader, drawing her alongside some enamored Magnemites is perfect. Wonder what @carmenfflv_art thinks about the potential Paldean Magnemite that people are talking about…

There’s actually quite a lot of discussion around Iono’s partner Pokémon. It’s probably not Wiglett, but the two still make an adorable pair, as @Scorsheep illustrates.

A good portion of Iono fanart focuses on her career as an influencer. @KayHusky29 gives us two versions of this in his drawings, both of which show Iono streaming through a Rotom Phone.

@origoomy paired Iono up with fellow social media celeb / Gym Leader Raihan, from Sword and Shield. The Twitch-like composition here is a nice touch.

More folks riffed on the influencer idea, including @SailorChef. This drawing pokes fun at people who get popular on social media then start giving the cold shoulder to friends they had before they were famous. It’s also parodying a very specific Vine from Riff Raff.

@mamumesart took the influencer joke down the YouTube path. This thumbnail is a perfect riff on all those insincere apology videos.

Finally, we have a cute enamel pin design from @sextant0yulij. It’s not often that fanart like this is actually for sale, but that is the case with Yami’s work here.