The best Legends for Apex Legends Control mode

Here we go again.

Apex Legends Rampart

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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Control is not like any other Apex Legends game mode — limited or otherwise. It’s fast, chaotic, and fun the whole time. In Control, players fight over multiple map objectives, trying to hold them for as long as possible to rack up points. When killed, players respawn at a site of their choice after a short timer ticks down. While winning is just as much about getting kills as the primary Apex Legends modes, the structure gives certain Legends an edge, making them the best picks for Control.

Best overall Legends for Control

  • Ash, Bangalore, Horizon, Mad Maggie, Octane, Pathfinder.

Unfortunately, for the third year running the best options for any Apex Legends mode are still mobility Legends like Pathfinder and Octane. Since the mode requires players to constantly rush from one point on the map to another, and there is no element of looting, reviving, or recon, the subtle benefits of other Legends are mostly meaningless in Control. Legends with good mobility and offensive kits are safe picks and guaranteed to help your team score better. Octane is particularly useful because he can set up permanent shortcuts for teammates.

Best defensive Legends for Control

  • Caustic, Rampart.

Once your team has captured an objective in Control, you have to hold onto it as long as possible. This is where defensive and trapper legends come into play. While less powerful than the other options outlined above, Rampart and Caustic can help your team hold onto objectives much longer, and eventually squeeze out an attrition win. We recommend switching to one of these defensive Legends when respawning on a forward objective. Wattson and Gibraltar could work as well, but their kits are not nearly as useful.

The remaining Legends in the roster are not recommended for Control in Apex Legends, as their kits don’t fit well with the mode format. Lifeline and Loba’s protection and scavenging abilities are almost inconsequential, and the recently buffed Crypto‘s all-encompassing support and surveillance playstyle is too slow and methodical for Control. Legends like Seer and Fuse may fair well if your team is in voice chat, but there are many better Apex Legends options to play in Control instead of them.