The 10 best minigames in Tower Unite

Explore a variety of minigames, and find your next obsession.

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Tower Unite has more minigames than you and your friends can shake a stick at, and more are being developed all the time. Whether you’re looking to customize your home area with your winnings, prove your gaming prowess over your friends, or just sit back and have a few laughs, Tower Unite will have you covered. Here are the 10 best minigames in Tower Unite.

10. Trivia

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Get a few friends together and play Tower Unite’s Trivia. Filled with questions and answers by Tower Unite players, Trivia touches on everything from film directors to video gaming history. The best part of Trivia is that the questions come so quickly, you can be sure that your competitors won’t have time to try to search for the answers between rounds. Play well, and receive tokens for purchasing various accessories and furniture. The game pad beneath each players’ screen has four buttons, labeled A through D — just pick what you think is the right answer.

9. Pool

What some may fondly recall being the domain of smoke-filled bars and spilled beer comes to Tower Unite, on the second floor of the Arcade. If you opt to play by yourself, knock the balls in one-by-one in any order, saving the 8 for last. With a competitor, Pool is played by American rules, with each player claiming either solids or stripes depending on what has been sunk on or following break. Hold the Q key to bring up the media queue, and select some great jams to go along with your night.

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8. Typing Derby

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It’s a simple concept — type faster and more accurately than your competitors to bring your horse across the finish line first. Various pieces of writing will appear on the screen, and they must be entered precisely as they’re shown, with capitalization and punctuation. Americans be warned, though — it uses English for grammar, rather than American, meaning it will be “realised” instead of /realized,” and other unfamiliar etymological oddities. Still, there’s a joy in racing with your keyboards while smack-talking your friends that struggle to find the semicolon.

7. Bowling

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Grab a friend with a name closest to Niko and head to the Bowling Alley of Tower Unite for a couple of fun-filled frames. With spin, power, and placement, Bowling becomes a fun experience for the first couple of games. Eventually, it can be ‘solved’ in terms of power and placement, but as long as you aren’t playing with anyone looking to be too competitive it’s a fun time. This takes a prominent place for making friends in the game, as well — the time between frames gives players ample time to chat it up.

6. Bingo

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It sounds like it’s best suited for old people, but there’s a primal joy in listening to Bingo calls and filling up your card. Play up to four cards at once with Bingo in Tower Unite, and determine how much you want to wager as well. The number of players in the game determines how many Bingos can be called, but afterward everyone plays to Blackout, meaning the first person to completely fill up a card. Each win gives a set amount of cash, depending on the amount wagered when selecting cards, making this a nice means of stocking up cash to customize your pad with the most expensive toys.

5. Fishing

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It seems that no modern title is complete without a fishing minigame, and Tower Unite offers a surprisingly deep fishing minigame. Purchase a rod from the vendor on the boardwalk, and head to any of the marked fishing areas to begin fishing. Differing baits will offer the opportunity to find diverse fish, which also brings a slew of rewards for players to nab. Just be warned that, once a fish grabs your bait, the minigame of reeling it in will take a little while to get used to — these fish are feisty.

4. Minigolf

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Mini golf is another tried-and-true experience for single-player or cooperative play, and Tower Unite clinches this experience with a wide array of different levels and a lot of customization. It’s still more than possible to master every course, giving veterans of the Tower Unite mini-golf a marked advantage over newer players, but the relatively low skill ceiling does invite players of all walks.

3. Dark Voyage

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Take a ride on Dark Voyage, a roller coaster where players are given light guns to eliminate enemies that appear as they traverse time itself. Dark Voyage excels in introducing multiple level types in a singular ride, although it isn’t immediately clear what players should be shooting. The early part of the ride has ghosts and targets to eliminate, but the latter part is far more interactive with the targets and scares. The more targets you eliminate, the higher your score, but the scores are determined by everyone in the ride — this is a team game, so cram inside the cart with up to four players to maximize your score.

2. Zombie Massacre

Image via PixelTail Games on YouTube

This top-down zombie slayer has a bit more under the hood than it reveals initially. Players need to survive for a total of six days, each lasting two minutes while eliminating as many zombies as possible. Eliminated zombies can drop points, which allows players to upgrade their character statistics or even find weaponry. With a total of six classes to choose from, well over 20 weapons, and five maps of varying difficulty, don’t be surprised that you’ve spent the entire night slaying zombies for in-game cash.

1. Ball Race

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Ball Race is a simple concept — players are inside of a ball which they must navigate through varying courses. Picking up items during the course run will increase your score, but finishing first is ideal. The courses begin simply, with rolling greens and wide paths, but they turn nefariously difficult in later levels with blind jumps and pixel-perfect paths to navigate. With a wide variety of customization options and a bevy of levels to explore, Ball Race is the ideal introduction to Tower Unite minigames.