The best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV Online

What are your favorite mounts?

Screengrab via Square Enix

If you want to reach a location in style, your mount defines your character and the presence they have while traveling, especially in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Your mount is an extension of your character and the achievements you’ve completed in the game, with many of the rewards tied to the dungeons or special unlocks that you can complete. Your favorite mount may not even be the best one, but it is yours. These are some of the best mounts we’ve discovered in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Battle Tiger

Image via Sqaure Enix

There’s nothing more terrifying than taking the Battle Tiger with you into a fight. The tiger is well protected by layers of armor, but it’s also a dangerous creature on its own, with a massive spike jetting out of the front end of it. The Battle Tiger is a ferocious mount that lets everyone around you know that you mean business and is a swift steed.


Image via Square Enix

The guardian of Hell, Cerberus, protects the gates to prevent the undead from escaping, and you can ride this creature around in the world. The mount comes with three terrifying heads to scary anyone in your path as you crash through a battlefield. Cerberus doesn’t have any armor, but it doesn’t need thick skin and sharp teeth. This mount is massive and is not one you use to sneak around.


Image via Square Enix

The Firebird is a spectacular mount capable of taking you anywhere you need to go in lavish style for an aerial choice. The mount might seem a bit over the top, but it’s perfect for you to use while traveling between quests, and you can explore an entire environment with a bird’s eye view.

Flying Chair

Image via Square Enix

If you prefer a much more relaxing mount, the Flying Chair is a very comfortable option. It’s a chair that you can use to sit down at, letting you rest while waiting for your party members to catch up to you, and then you can lead the way with it. The Flying Chair is incredibly simple in design, but it fits with any decor when your want to sit down for a spell before heading off to your next adventure.

Gilded Mikoshi

Image via Square Enix

When you have too much Gil to handle, the Gilded Mikoshi mount is the perfect money drop for you to add another luxurious mount to your collection. The Gilded Mikoshi costs 50 million Gil for you to purchase, and beyond the price tag, there’s not too much else special about it. All you have to do is hit that price tag, and you should be able to buy that mount whenever you want to purchase it. The mount can be a fun way to show off your wealth to everyone around you as you fly through a city. The Gilded Mikoshi is as much of a statement as it is a useful mount.


Image via Square Enix

The Managarm mount looks like the mixture between a wolf, a dragon, and another fantastic beast, all in a single mount. This creature is not a massive one to ride, but it’s swift, making it an ideal choice if you want to enter a location and remain undetected. It’s much easier to miss this mount than it would some of the other choices, and its overall design makes it a choice perfect for anyone who wants to lean into their inner demon.


Image via Square Enix

If you prefer a more machine-based choice, the Menoetius is a motorcycle-like choice with more pointy ends than a razor-sharp sword. With a set of white-blue flames coming out of the end, you can rev this engine to race ahead of anyone who may try to out style you. The mount was available during The Feast: Season 15.

Model O

Image via Square Enix

Speaking of machine-based mounts, the Model O is another unique choice. It’s modeled to look like a creature with four arms and moves around on them, similar to a spider. While it’s flying in the air, the mount retracts these arms underneath it, curling up into a bean form, and takes you to your next destination, protecting you throughout the journey.

Red Baron

Image via Square Enix

The Red Baron is a massive mount that you can drive, becoming one of the tallest individuals in your group in a matter of seconds. Although, because of the large size of the creature, it might be a little hard to turn, you’ll be able to make some of the sharper corners with some practice. You will have to purchase this mount because it is not unlocked in any other way.


Image via Square Enix

For fans of Nordic mythology, Sleipnir is the horse the Odin rides, a gift from Loki. This mount has been blessed by the elder Primal Odin and has the capacity to fit any rider, large or small. Like the Red Baron mount, you can purchase Sleipnir from the Mog station for a certain amount of money. Unfortunately, you cannot trade this mount, so you won’t try and offer a trade to another player for it.