The best Naruto character presets in Tower of Fantasy

The nine-tailed fox makes an appearance.

Photo of Naruto

Image via Bandai Namco

Naruto and his friends are in Tower of Fantasy, but not in the way you might think. Tower of Fantasy features an impressive character system, allowing you to recreate your favorite anime heroes easily. Players can vote on popular designs, and if you aren’t the creative type, you can import character preset codes. Fan favorite characters from various games and anime have dominated the popular votes. This guide will show the best Naruto character presets in Tower of Fantasy.

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The best Naruto character presets for Tower of Fantasy

Naruto and his cohorts are no strangers to video games. From his own series, and crossing over to titles like Fortnite, Naruto always finds a way to infiltrate popular games.

Hinata Hyuga – Preset code 38

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hinata is a popular protagonist and Naruto’s wife. She is a capable kunoichi and fan-favorite character.

Itachi Uchiha – Preset code 175917

Screenshot by Gamepur

A villain in every sense, Itachi was a member of the Akatsuki criminal organization and often fought against his younger brother Sasuke.

Kakashi Hatake – Preset code 256630

Screenshot by Gamepur

A popular hero who had a small hand in training Naruto during his early years, this ninja is ready to tackle Tower of Fantasy and its brand of rival ninjas.

Naruto Uzumaki – Preset code 271677

Screenshot by Gamepur

The star of his show, Naruto, is one of the most popular anime characters in history. His unique style looks excellent in Tower of Fantasy’s science fiction world.

Sasuke Uchiha – Preset code 1012

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sasuke wields powerful lightning attacks and is Naruto’s biggest rival. Take advantage of one of the best antiheroes anime has to offer.

Yahiko (Pain) – Preset code 6157

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yahiko was a character with a similar backstory as Naruto and often used water in his special attacks.

How to use character preset codes in Tower of Fantasy

To use these preset codes, select the import button in the bottom left corner of the character creator screen. The image below will show you where to find it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Copy and paste the preset codes listed above to use these popular Naruto characters in Tower of Fantasy.