The best perks for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus

Perks as devious as a mousetrap.

Image via Warner Bros.

The famous duo of rascals, Tom and Jerry, bring their signature slapstick to MultiVersus. They possess a unique mechanic in which you have to play them either together or apart, which in turn changes the way they interact and function. As such, picking out the best perks for them might seem tricky, but our guide is here to help you out and choose the best perks for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

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Tom and Jerry’s Leveling Perks

While you level the animal duo, you’ll also unlock a few regular perks. For Tom and Jerry, those perks are:

  • Make it Rain, Dog! (Level 2)
  • That’s Flammable, Doc! (Level 4)
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6)
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper (Level 7)
  • Perk Training (Level 9)
  • I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge (Level 11)
  • Slippery When Feint (Level 12)
  • School Me Once… (Level 13)

Tom and Jerry’s Signature Perks

While all characters can access the regular perks, Tom and Jerry also have two signature perks that they can unlock :

  • Dynamite Split (Level 8)
  • Fly Fisher (Level 10)

The choice between the two perks comes down between offensive power and utility/safety net. Dynamite Split is a signature perk that lets Tom and Jerry deal even more damage with the dynamite they unleash (well, Tom… Jerry’s innocent of this crime). Meanwhile, Fly Fisher weakens the damage of Goin’ Fishin’ but gives it the option of latching onto terrain to help save the duo as a last resort or as a mobility move.

Best Perks for Tom and Jerry

Checking out Tom and Jerry’s kit, you will soon see that most of their abilities count as Projectile, which means that ranged perks work wonderfully for them. Another thing to note is that their abilities and complex skills require some setup time that leaves them vulnerable, so anything that helps them survive or keep a distance is a good pick as well.

S Tier Perks

  • Coffeezilla
  • Deadshot
  • Make It Rain, Dog!
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper
  • That’s Flammable, Doc!
  • Triple Jump

A Tier Perks

  • …In a Single Bound!
  • Boundless Energy
  • Fancy Footwork
  • Hit Me If You’re Able
  • I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge
  • Ice to Beat You!
  • Slippery Customer
  • Slippery When Feint
  • Snowball Effect
  • Speed Force Assist
  • Stronger Than Ever
  • Sturdy Dodger

B Tier Perks

  • Aerial Acrobat
  • Clear the Air
  • Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
  • Kryptonian Skin
  • Leg Day Champ
  • Painted Target
  • School Me Once…
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry
  • ‘Toon Elasticity
  • Up, Up, and A-Slay
  • Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

C Tier Perks

  • Absorb ‘n’ Go
  • Armor Crush
  • Back to Back
  • Collateral Damage
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Last Stand
  • Retaliation-Ready
  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
  • Static Electricity
  • That’s (Not) All, Folks!
  • The Purest of Motivations

D Tier Perks

  • Lumpy Space Punch
  • Percussive Punch Power
  • Wildcat Brawler