The best place to farm Assault Rifles at Jakobs Estate, Eden-6 in Borderlands 3 – Loot the Universe

Stock up on damage.

Borderlands 3

The Loot the Universe event in Borderlands 3 has switched to Eden-6 this week. We are in week three, which means just one week to go after this, then the event is over. If you are still hoping to score something nice from World Drops before the end of the event, then we have a pretty good farm for you in Jakobs Estate, which is currently heavily weighted toward dropping Assault Rifles this week.

Jakobs Estate

Thankfully, there are two decent places to farm, right beside each other, just a short walk from the spawn point. Head straight for Murl when you spawn in, then continue into the odd village. This place is filled with badass enemies and spawns plenty of normal enemies as well, so the chances of Cartel members are high. Killing Cartel members is great as they drop beacons that call in tougher enemies with a great chance to drop Legendaries.

After you have completely cleared out this area, you can head to the swamp that Murl’s rival controls, where you will find lots more tough enemies. I have been getting about 15 or so Assault Rifle drops running this route, and plenty of Shields as well running it on Mayhem 6-8.

While this is great, you should absolutely make sure you try to get your hands on the O.P.Q System Assault Rifle as well. This is not a world drop, and can only be farmed during the Revenge of the Cartels event. It is stupidly powerful, so make sure you grab it before the event ends.