The best Pokémon Teams for the Fighting Cup: Great League Edition Remix in Pokémon Go – December 8, 2022

Bring out your Fighting-type Pokémon.

Image via The Pokémon Company

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The Fighting Cup is making a return to Pokémon Go, but this time it’s going to have a remix version to it. The remix version prevents players from using every available Fighting-type Pokémon that would normally compete in these battles, likely allowing everyone to see if they want to try a new combination. You will want to consider your options before locking in a team for these fights. Here’s what you need to know about the best Pokémon Teams for the Fighting Cup: Great League Edition Remix in Pokémon Go.

The best Fighting Cup: Great League Edition Remix Pokémon Teams

It’s important to note that for the Fighting Cup, any Pokémon you use on your team will need to be a Fighting-type. They also cannot exceed 1,500 CP, none of your Pokémon can be Psychic-type, and you cannot use Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Buzzwole, or Sneasler.

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Galarian Farfetch’d, Poliwrath (Shadow), and Falinks

For our first team, we have Galarian Farfetch’d as our lead option. It will be a powerful choice in these encounters, and it has a Flying-type move to take advantage of any Fighting-types you battle against. To back it up, we recommend using the shadow version of Poliwrath and then Falinks as the Closer option.

  • Galarian Farfetch’d: Fury Cutter (fast move), Leaf Blade, and Brave Bird
  • Poliwrath (Shadow): Mud Shot (fast move), Dynamic Punch, and Ice Punch
  • Falinks: Counter (fast move), Superpower, and Megahorn

Throh, Machamp, and Chesnaught

The next team features Throh as the lead Pokémon. Like Galarian Farfetch’d, Throh has a unique moveset, and it brings a Psychic-type move, Headbutt, that makes it a solid choice in these encounters. To support it, we suggest you use Machamp as your Switch and Chesnaught as your Closer.

  • Throh: Zen Headbutt (fast move), Body Slam, and Focus Blast
  • Machamp: Counter (fast move), Cross Chop, and Close Combat
  • Chesnaught: Vine Whip (fast move), Superpower, and Energy Ball

Toxicroak, Primeape, and Hitmonchan

Here, we’re going to have Toxicroak as the lead Pokémon. It has no unique attacks that will be super-effective against Fighting-type Pokémon, but it’s a solid choice with a good selection of stats. For support, you might want to have Primeape as the Switch and Hitmonchan as the Closer.

  • Toxicroak: Counter (fast move), Sludge Bomb, and Mud Bomb
  • Primeape: Counter (fast move), Close Combat, and Night Slash
  • Hitmonchan: Counter (fast move), Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch

Hitmonlee, Heracross, and Hariyama

The next team features Hitmonlee, the classic Fighting-type Pokémon, as your Lead. It has a solid mixture of attack and defense power, making it a good starting option, followed by Heracross and Hariyama. You want to be careful with Heracross because it is also a Bug-type, so it might be weak against any Fire and Fighting-type your opponent uses.

  • Hitmonlee: Double Kick (fast move), Stone Edge, and Close Combat
  • Heracross: Counter (fast move), Close Combat, and Rock Blast
  • Hariyama: Counter (fast move), Close Combat, and Heavy Slam

Crabrawler, Blaziken, and Breloom

Our last team features Crabrawler as our lead Pokémon. Although it is a brand-new choice, this is one of the few times you can use it against other players. We recommend having Blaziken and Breloom to support it, with Breloom being your Closer. Like Heracross, Breloom is also weak to any Fire and Fighting-type Pokémon, but that’s where Crabrawler comes into play.

  • Crabrawler: Bubble (fast move), Power-up Punch, and Crabhammer
  • Blaziken: Counter (fast move), Stone Edge, and Blaze Kick
  • Breloom: Counter (fast move), Dynamic Punch, Grass Knot