The Best Scrapper builds in Lost Ark

Let’s dive into the Scrapper subclass.

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As the heaviest variation of the martial artist, the Scrapper is a damage-dealing dynamo that orients her abilities toward area-of-effect attacks, crowd control, and positioning herself for back attacks.

While possessing the skills necessary to quickly engage with crowds of enemies and just as quickly dispatch them, the Scrapper’s limited move-set variety often leaves the class few opportunities to combo attacks together, at least in the traditional sense of combo-based moves.

With this in mind, it’s best for players to go into starting a Scrapper with the knowledge of how to progress while prioritizing the subclass’s strengths.

Scrappers thrive in environments where they can kite and corral hordes of standard enemies into tightly knit piles using weaker attacks, then maneuver around — and in some cases, over — the piles to exploit weak points with heavier attacks.

Initiating: Lining them up

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A few of the Scrapper’s lighter skill options present more of a utilitarian purpose than simply processing raw DPS, and generally should only be leveled enough to unlock perks that contribute to kiting and zoning.

Charging Blow, a quick, two-punch attack, will knock the leading units of a horde back into their ranks, priming the whole group for an AoE-based pummeling. Additionally, leveling Charging blow enough to unlock its first two skill tiers grants the Scrapper access to the Ready Attack tier one perk and the Stone Fist tier two perk.

  • Ready Attack:  Boosts the damage of subsequent attacks for three seconds — best used early to optimize heavy attacks
  • Stone Fist: Pulls enemies toward the player, further stacking clumped enemies

For the purpose of additional enemy stacking, Charging Blow combos well into Judgment, which unlocks the Vital Point Hit perk as early as tier one.

  • Vital Point Hit: Increases critical hit chance substantially, generating additional damage output

Judgment, a shock attack, will generate stamina on a successful hit, complementing Charging Blow’s setup by topping off the Scrapper’s stamina bar before releasing a subsequent flurry of heavy stamina attacks.

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Capitalizing: Knocking them down

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Most of the Scrapper’s heavy skill-set consists of back attacks, yet one move in particular allows the class the strategically place itself directly behind enemy lines to maximize this sequence of damage.

Dragon Advent, the core skill tying this entire build together, launches the Scrapper directly to the cursor in a diving body slam. With high base damage, a method of guaranteeing a back attack for bonus damage, and the Moment of Truth tier one perk to further increase damage at the cost of extra stamina, it’s guaranteed to finish off most, if not all, enemies in the stack.

Earthquake Chain represents another example of the Scrapper’s high-damage back attack options. While lacking the mobility of Dragon Advent, it can be used following Dragon Advent’s dive to finish off healthier enemies with a bit more damage.

In moments of last resort, Death Rattle can be used to pump out an overwhelming amount of damage, at the cost of the Scrapper’s entire shock bar. As this skill’s damage scales with the percentage of shock in reserve, and the Scrapper is likely to be operating at full shock after having used two stamina skills, Death Rattle serves as the ideal follow-up to Dragon Advent and Earthquake Chain against boss enemies that have multiple overlapping health bars.

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