The best settings for Fortnite on Xbox Series X

The best way to play.


The Xbox Series X is a very powerful gaming machine, giving players all sorts of options that they didn’t have on previous generations, such as 120 FPS gameplay in Fortnite.

From a competitive point of view, the more frames players can get, the better, so in this guide we will show you how to turn on 120 FPS mode, and some other settings for Xbox Series X to get the most out of your time in Fortnite.

Running Fortnite at 120 FPS

This is a two part process, so follow the steps below:

  • On the Xbox Series X, go to the System tab
  • Go to Settings
  • Select General, then TV & Display
  • Select 4K Details to check if your display can do 120 FPS.
  • Go to Refresh Rate tab under the TV & Display options.
  • Select 120 Hz

Now, launch Fortnite, and go to Settings, and switch the 120 FPS Mode to on, then select Apply.

Video Settings


Players can turn up Brightness a small amount to make it easier to spot enemies, if they wish. Anywhere up to 120% should work, depending on the display settings of the screen you are playing on.

Color Blind Mode

While Color Blind Mode is clearly designed for color blind people, it can be worth experimenting with the different modes to see if the different color palettes make the screen easier to read for you.

Motion Blur

Switching motion blur off will clear up screen readability, making it easier to discern small details during busy gameplay moments.

Game Settings

  • Matchmaking – set this to the region you are in so that you have the best possible ping and connection to the game.
  • Toggle Sprint set to off and Sprint by default set to on, so that you are sprinting by default and can remap the L3 button if you wish.
  • Auto Open Doors – this cuts down on the amount of interactions you need to make, and frees up another button on the controller.
  • Toggle targeting – set this to off so that it doesn’t impede your ability to react quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons – this is a matter of preference, if you are very picky about what you use, set this to off.
  • Auto Sort consumables to the right – set this to on to keep your inventory neat and make weapon switching seamless.
  • Auto material change – set this to on so you are not caught out in the middle of a frantic fight.
  • Confirm edit on release – set this to on to cut out a step of needing to confirm you edits. Speed kills in a box fight.

Controller Settings

For the controller settings, it normally boils down to a choice between Combat Pro and Builder Pro, so we suggest experimenting with both to see which one you prefer.

It is also worth experimenting with stick sensitivity and deadzone settings, to find the perfect setting for your own skill and preferences. Normally, players want to find the highest sensitivity they can play with, and use a low deadzone setting to avoid feeling like their controls are laggy.