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The 5 best The Sims 4 mods that make the Infant Update better

Mod your way through childhood.

Are you ready to experience the joys and challenges of raising a tiny, demanding human? With The Sims 4 Infant Update, you can create your own little bundles of joy and watch them grow from helpless newborns to curious toddlers. Though the Infant Update brings some new features for you to enjoy, you might soon get tired of the vanilla pregnancy and childhood experience. Luckily for you, we have curated a set of these mods that will add a whole new dimension to your gameplay. Here are the best mods that make the Infant Update better in The Sims 4.

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What are the best The Sims 4 mods for the Infant Update?

Childbirth Mod

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Prepare to witness the miracle of life in a new way with this mod that adds unprecedented realism to your Sims’ birthing experiences, thanks to PandaSama. With options like natural childbirth and planned cesarean section, your Sims can now enjoy the full spectrum of delivery methods. Watch as your Sims’ water breaks, sending them into premature labor and straight to the hospital, where they can stay for up to two days, earning three moodlets along the way. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for an epidural to see how it affects your Sims’ moodlets. Want to speed things up? Induce labor with a leisurely stroll or some bouncing on a birthing ball. Or, if you’re not in the mood for a long and winding road, choose the direct route of cesarean section and skip the early stages of labor entirely.

Child Care Overhaul

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For those who want to take their parenting skills to the next level, the “Child Care Overhaul” mod by KawaiiStacie allows for more realistic interactions between parents and their children. The mod introduces new interactions, such as teaching toddlers how to talk and walk, and a reward system that rewards your Sim child for good behavior. In addition, you’ll be able to track their progress and watch them grow into well-rounded Sims. Beware, with great power comes great responsibility. Neglecting your Sim child’s needs will have consequences, potentially even leading to a visit with a social worker.

Healthcare Redux

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Healthcare Redux is a revolutionary mod crafted by the mastermind Adeepindigo, which introduces a whole new dimension of sickness and suffering into the lives of our beloved Sims. No longer will your virtual patients be limited to the minor ailments provided by the base game —now they can bask in the glory of viral and bacterial diseases like sinusitis and bronchitis, chronic conditions such as insomnia and seasonal affective disorder, and even lethal illnesses like tuberculosis and malaria. And let’s not forget about the thrills of surgeries, pregnancy complications, and other health-related hurdles. But don’t fret, for your Sims can turn to modern medicine or ancient home remedies prescribed by the in-game doctor to cure their woes. 

Relationships and Pregnancy Overhaul

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Get ready to play god with your Sims’ reproductive choices with Lumpinou ‘s mod. Find out whether they want kids and watch the drama unfold when their partner doesn’t share the same wish. Then, control your Sims’ fertility with options for pregnancy risk, birth control, and surgeries — because why leave it up to chance? Add some excitement with WooHoo transmissible diseases and watch your Sims deal with accusations and acceptance. Or dive into the paternity testing module and see the lies and drama unfold when Sims discover the true father of their child. With customizable dating profiles, relationship goals, and preferences, this mod lets you create your own Sims soap opera.

Ultrasound Scan Mod

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With LittleMsSam‘s mod, you can step into the shoes of a gynecologist with the Ultrasound Scan mod for Sims 4. This is the ultimate tool for checking up on your pregnant Sims. With multiple photos of your baby available, you can marvel at the miracle of life from the comfort of your own home. Then, hang those ultrasound photos on your wall as a unique and personalized home decor item that will impress your visitors. The Ultrasound Scan mod is the perfect addition for those looking to add a touch of realism to their Sims’ pregnancy experience.

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