The best upgrades in Dyson Sphere Program

Increase your efficiency.

Image via Youthcat Studio

In Dyson Sphere Program upgrades can speed up processes, unlock new abilities, or make systems more efficient. With almost 80 upgrades to choose from in Dyson Sphere Program, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth prioritizing. This list will highlight the best upgrades in Dyson Sphere Program.

Universe Exploration

This is the number one upgrade to pick up in the early game. It’s cheap, at only 10 Electromagnetic Matrices, and its effect is invaluable. It lets you see all of the resource nodes on your planet’s map. This is imperative, as you won’t have to run around looking for where the copper or iron is on your planet. Increasing further down this path will allow you to see resources on other planets.

Drive Engine

Drive Engine is a powerful upgrade in Dyson Sphere Program. Drive Engine Lv1 allows you to enter flight mode, allowing you to glide across the map at the cost of fuel. More importantly, Drive Engine Lv2 unlocks Mecha Sails. Mecha Sails allow you to leave your planet and explore. Exploring other planets is important in Dyson Sphere Program as each planet has unique resources.

Veins Utilization

Veins utilization increases your mining speed and reduces the number of ores consumed during smelting. This upgrade won’t feel like much at first, but once you get three to four levels down the skill path, you’ll speed up your production by a significant amount.

Vertical Construction

Vertical Construction is useful at all stages of the game. Most structures aren’t able to stack, but with Vertical Construction, you can stack almost any structure, freeing up much-needed space on the ground. Stacking labs will double their production and costs. Increasing this upgrade further will increase the layers of storage available.