The best way to grind Jewelcrafting levels in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Where all that glitters is potential gold.

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As players around the world explore the wondrous continent of the Dragon Isles within World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, a slew of new profession abilities and mechanics are being uncovered. Classes have been reworked, professions have talent trees, and the item level cap has been raised yet again, offering a tidy profit for any enterprising adventurers. If you’re looking at getting into Jewelcrafting for Dragonflight, here’s the fastest way to level the profession to max level.

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Jewelcrafting speed grinding with Mining or Auction House

Jewelcrafting is one of the most profitable professions for Dragonflight, but it is also expensive, either financially or with a time-investment, to quickly level. Players have two options for grinding through Jewelcrafting: either using the Auction House to purchase all necessary materials or mining all of the necessary gems yourself. If opting to use the Auction House to speed through the levels, expect a massive gold sink.

Players can instead opt to mine their own gems, using the Mining Process specialization for an increased gem drop chance, but should be forewarned that this will take an immeasurable amount of time to cap Jewelcrafting. The benefit, however, is that the additional ore can go to a blacksmith alt or be sold on the Auction House, and the Jewelcrafter then has a means to supplement their own crafting in late-game. Regardless of which you choose, players will want to focus on specific crafts.

What to craft to quickly level Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight

There are a specific number of crafts, of specific items, which is the cheapest and fastest means of leveling Jewelcrafting. This formula has already been solved, thankfully, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

The 1-70 Jewelcrafting shopping list

Seek these items, either from mining or the Auction House, to quickly level from 1-70.

  • 200 Draconium ore
  • 4 Sundered Onyx
  • 7 Shimmering Clasp
  • 1 Rousing Earth
  • 2 Serevite Ore
  • 2 Frameless Lens
  • 6 Fractured Glass
  • 7 Silken Gemdust
  • 4 Eternity Amber
  • 8 Glossy Stone
  • 4 Queen’s Ruby
  • 40 Nozdorite

1-70 Jewelcrafting build guide

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Players will then need to craft the following items, in order:

  • 15 — Dragon Isles Prospecting
  • 3 — Pendant of Impending Perils
  • 1 — Frameless Lens
  • 1 — Sundered Onyx Loupes
  • 1 — Timewatcher’s Patience
  • 4 — Revitalizing Red Carving
  • 40 — Jagged Nozdorite

Jewelcrafting 70-100

If the leveling process from 1-70 didn’t bankrupt your profile, this next segment will. Some resources are time-gated (and thus soul bound), so plan ahead carefully and consider prices and options. First crafts give additional experience, and the new Work Order System can help level without needing to grab the resources yourself.

70-100 Jewelcrafting shopping list

  • 50 Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting Knowledge
  • 10 Nozdorite
  • 20 Awakened Order
  • 20 Corresponding Awakened Element
  • 400 Primal Chaos
  • 20 Illimited Diamond
  • 20 Corresponding Rare Gem

70 – 100 Jewelcrafting build guide

For the final 20 levels in Jewelcrafting, opt for Faceting and any preferred sub-spec of Elemental Jewel cutting.

  • 10 — Jagged Nozdorite
  • 20 — Any Illimited Diamond cut