The best Wiglett fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.

Screenshot via Pokémon YouTube

New Paldean Pokémon keep appearing in Scarlet and Violet videos, and the latest addition to the ‘dex is Wiglett. This wriggly eel Pokémon looks like a cousin to Diglett, poking out of the sand and shaking about with its pale, gangly body. No matter how silly the Pokémon is, the internet will make fan art. Here are the best tributes we’ve seen for newcomer Wiglett.

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Let’s start with a nice black-lined drawing of the new ‘mon. Wiglett already looks pretty silly, but there’s something about the simple voice line @AdvosArt gave it that makes it even more derpy.

Anytime a new Pokémon gets the spotlight, we get a lot of solo and group drawings. @kelvin_trainwerk did both, illustrating Wiglett among its own kind and in a collage with all the other new Gen 9 Pokémon like Klawf and Cetitan.

Clearly, @sifyro is a Monster Hunter fan, because they likened Wiglett to that franchise’s Khezu creature. Well, if Cramorant can carry an Arrokuda in its mouth, then Wiglett can snack on Pikachu.

We know what @Nucleose would do if a Wiglett tried to bite them — rip it right out of the ground. The poor Pokémon looks a lot smaller in this trainer’s gloved hand.

Some fanart imagines Wiglett as more of a klutz. This cute little comic by @mana_chan_ is one such comedic example. Hopefully, Quaxley got a potion after that bop.

@TAHK0 took Wiglett in an 8-bit direction, imagining the little guy in a Gen 1 style. It’s a pretty funny visual gag based on the Pokémon’s stretchy form.

Some of these pieces of fanart imagine what Wiglett looks like under the surface, the same way fans have wondered about Diglett’s full body. @ButtPurun combined the two in a hilarious way.

@go_lurk had a similar idea, though he decided to turn Wiglett into Regigigas’ fingers instead. There really is a strong resemblance there.

There’s always someone who imagines evolutions for new Pokémon, and this time it was @d3ad8un. “Wiglure” is a neat idea, using the eel concept to convey what Wiglett could really look like under the surface.

Finally, we have this colorful drawing from @Xenothekid, who noticed the naming similarity between Wiglett and Super Mario’s Wiggler. It’s a perfect match.