The Collection location – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Don’t get collected.


Another Marvel-related landmark has been teleported into the game. This time, a chunk of the Collection has appeared, sliced out of the Marvel universe and placed on the map. Who keeps messing up our lovely neat map? It remains a mystery at the moment.

You can find the Collection to the northeast of Catty Corner, and just south of Retail Row. It sits on the side of a mountain, a testament to one man’s curiosity and greed.

For folks who may not be aware of what the Collection is, it is a massive collection of different plants, animals, and relics all brought together by a character called Taneleer Tivan, The Collector. Things do not always join his collection willingly, and in some regards, it is more of a prison for people and objects that are prime examples of their race or species.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Collector managed to get his hands on one of the Infinity Stones, and nearly added another to his collection before invoking the wrath of Thanos, and losing pretty much everything to the destructive plans of the Mad Titan.

The Collection that appears in Fortnite is just a small slice of what the Collector has managed to gather up over the years, but it contains some standout Fortnite items such as a Gnome and a toilet. Ammo boxes and loot chests can also appear in the collection, so it is not actually a terrible place to drop and loot up a little; then make your way to Retail Row to finishing looting up full and grab a car.