The Crew Motorfest: Release Date, Pre-Order Editions, Vehicles & Trailers

The Crew Motorfest expands the franchise into an entirely new realm of racing, pushing the online open world racing genre to its limits.


Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel

The Crew Motorfest is the third game in The Crew series, taking players to a vibrant Hawian open world island where they’re free to drive in their favorite cars as fast as they want, competing in all sorts of competitions or just driving for pleasure. The game evolves every element The Crew 2 perfected, bringing players much more of what they want and new mechanics they never knew were possible.

The Crew Motorfest takes a leaf out of Forza Horizon 5’s book and allows players to race on their own and take part in every event solo or with other players. There’s no limit on what fans can do in the game as they drive to unlock more and more vehicles for their collection.


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When is the Release Date for The Crew Motorfest?

Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel

The Crew Motorfest will be released for all major platforms on September 14, 2023. The game has some stiff competition around this date, with Starfield and the PS5 version of Baldur’s Gate 3 out the week before. Still, fans invested in The Crew 2 will almost certainly make time and space for the title, and the game-as-a-service model ensures that newcomers will be welcome for years to come, not just on release day.

What Platforms is The Crew Motorfest Coming to?

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The Crew Motorfest is launching for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Amazon Luna. It’s unclear if more platforms will be added following the game’s launch, but it’s unlikely that the title will come to Nintendo Switch. This is because of the lower capabilities of Nintendo’s handheld platform and the fact that The Crew 2 was never ported to it.

All Editions of The Crew Motorfest Available to Pre-Order

Image via Ubisoft

There are three editions of The Crew Motorfest available for fans to pre-order. The standard edition ($70) includes the base game and a pre-order offer containing the Liberty Walk Pack. This pack grants users the Toyota GR Supra Liberty Walk Edition, an exclusive character outfit, an exclusive car underglow, and exclusive car tires.

The Gold Edition ($100) of The Crew Motorsport includes the base game and Liberty Walk Pack as well as early access to the game for 3 days starting on September 11, 2023, and the Year 1 Pass. The Year 1 Pass gives users an additional 25 vehicles for their garage at launch, including the 2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye and 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, both of which are exclusive to the pass. The pass entitles users to access to the premium track of rewards for all the seasons released during the year after the game’s release.

Finally, there is the Ultimate Edition ($120) of The Crew Motorfest. This version contains the base game, the Liberty Walk Pack, early access, Year 1 Pass, and the Ultimate Pack. With the Ultimate Pack, players will have their garage fitted with items designed by Hawian artist Keola Rapozo. This includes the Rainbow Pack, consisting of the Honda Civic Type R Fitted Edition, an avatar outfit, and two customization vanities. The Ultimate Pack also contains the Fitted Jungle Pack, which adds the Porsche 718 Spyder Fitted Edition, an avatar outfit, and two more customization options.

Are There Planes, Boats, Motorcycles & Cars in The Crew Motorfest?

Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel

Yes, Ubisoft has confirmed that players will be able to drive cars, motorcycles, boats, and pilot planes in The Crew Motorfest. The introduction of vehicles other than cars first occurred in The Crew 2, where it was a drastic change of pace that suited the story. The same will be true in the third game, but since Ubisoft has honed the storytelling in the series with the second game, the switch between vehicles should feel less awkward in The Crew Motorfest.

Does The Crew Motorfest Have a Campaign?

Screenshot via Ubisoft’s YouTube channel

Yes, The Crew Motorfest has a campaign that players will complete by progressing through each of its Playlists. These are themed collections of races and activities that showcase the best mix of everything the title has to offer. There will be 15 at launch, with more added over time to help keep players in the loop and expose them to the greatest experiences out there in The Crew universe.

All Confirmed Vehicles for The Crew Motorfest

In the table below, we’ve outlined every vehicle that’s been confirmed for The Crew Motorfest so far. This table will be updated as more vehicles are revealed, including planes, motorcycles, boats, and cars. Ubisoft states that there are more than 600 vehicles in the game, plenty for any player to collect in the hundreds of hours they’ll be racing.

Vehicle NameVehicle TypeManufacturer’s BrandHow to Get it
Toyota GR Supra Liberty Walk EditionCarToyotaPre-order exclusive
2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat RedeyeCarDodgeYear 1 Pass Exclusive
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SSCarChevroletYear 1 Pass Exclusive
Honda Civic Type R Fitted EditionCarHondaUltimate Edition Exclusive
Porsche 718 Spyder Fitted EditionCarPorscheUltimate Edition Exclusive
Dune BuggyCarTBATBA
(Custom Car Creators)

Can Players Import Vehicles From The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest?

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Yes, players will be able to import their entire vehicle collection from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest. Ubisoft hasn’t explained how this will work, but it will likely be tied to each player’s Ubisoft Connect ID. All vehicles from The Crew 2 obtained up until the end of Season 8 will be carried over to The Crew Motorfest on the day the game is released. The vehicles acquired after Season 8 will be moved over to the new game at a later date.

How to Sign up for The Crew Motorfest Closed Beta

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To sign up for The Crew Motorfest’s closed beta, players must visit the game’s official website and follow the instructions to register for the beta. Anyone hoping to join will need a Ubisoft Connect ID and an online account for the platform they wish to play on, whether it’s a Microsoft Account or PlayStation Network Account. Once the sign up has been completed, an email will be sent out to all players invited to the closed beta explaining how they can download the game and participate.

All Trailers for The Crew Motorfest

Below is every trailer ever released for The Crew Motorfest. We’ve started with the oldest at the bottom of the list and the latest at the top just under this paragraph.

Behind The Wheel #3 looks at the island the game is set on, and sees the development team exploring how they created it and what it can offer to car enthusiasts in terms of terrain and challenges.

The Festival Program Trailer gave fans a good look at the post-launch content plans for The Crew Motorfest and what they’ll be doing when playing through its ‘story.’

The Crew Summer Showcase contained a lot of information about the game as well as the wider series.

The Deep Dive Trailer explored the bulk of the gameplay in this title and how it differs from The Crew 2.

In the Gameplay Premiere Trailer, Ubisoft gave fans their first glimpse of the gameplay in the third game in The Crew series.

The Cinematic Introduction trailer is a fully cinematic video showcasing the ideal experience in this game.

In Behind The Wheel #2, Ubisoft explored the Insider Program for The Crew Motorfest and how it’s helping with the game’s development.

The Teaser Trailer is little more than a glimpse at racing gameplay.

In Behind The Wheel #1, the development team explains a little of what they’re trying to achieve in The Crew Motorfest.