The Heart of Ouroboros – Solve the riddle at the altar in the Serpent’s Heart in Genshin Impact

Trapped in a loop.

For the second Fragment in the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku quest, players will need to make their way to the Serpent’s Heart for the Heart of Ouroboros quest. This is not as long and involved as the previous quest, thankfully.

When they arrive, players should activate the teleporter, then head to the right to find the mechanism that will switch the time of the day to Evernight. Now, they can make their way to the center of the Serpent’s Heart that is marked by a waypoint.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you are in the center of the area, you will notice there are five doorways filled with energy sigils. Interact with the column of light at the waypoint and sigils will appear on the ground, with a number of notches near them. The notches go from groups of one, all the way to five. This is the order that you need to “activate” the doors in.

Look for the single notch, then make your way to the door marked with that sigil. Walk into it and you will be turned into a ball of lighting and returned to the center of the area. Do this from one to five, activating all five doorways, and a chest will appear in the middle of the area.

Open the chest to find the second fragment that you need for this quest.