The highest-rated attackers in FIFA 23

Best goal-getters out there.

Image via EA Sports

The final FIFA game made by EA, FIFA 23, is almost here. To that end, the team has presented us with the rating for the top football players around the world, including who the best attackers are, according to EA at least. There are some surprises, but for the most part, the players on top are who you’d expect. Let’s take a look at which players’ real-world performances have helped them slide up or down the rankings.

Best attackers in FIFA 23

Image via EA Sports

There are many important positions in football, but the attackers always get the most glory because they put the ball in the back of the net most often. These are the celebrities that most FIFA fans can’t wait to see the rating for when the news and leaks come out. All we can say is that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s fans will probably be a little salty that the all-time greats have seen their ratings slip, while Real Madrid fans will love that EA Sports is showing respect for Karim Benzema. This position group includes ST, CF, LW, and RW. We will start with the best STs and CFs as those two are relatively interchangeable.

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The highest-rated STs and CFs in FIFA 23

Longtime FIFA players will be unsurprised to see this list topped by players like Benzema and Kylian Mbappe. Sure, Ronaldo has dropped off a bit, but the top of the list is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Here are the best strikers and center forwards in FIFA 23:

  1. Real Madrid CF Karim Benzema (91 OVR)
  2. Barcelona ST Robert Lewandowski (91 OVR)
  3. PSG ST Kylian Mbappe (91 OVR)
  4. Manchester United ST Cristiano Ronaldo (90 OVR)
  5. Tottenham ST Harry Kane (89 OVR)
  6. Manchester City ST Erling Haaland (88 OVR)
  7. RB Leipzig CF Christopher Nkunku (86 OVR)
  8. Inter Milan ST Lautaro Martinez (86 OVR)
  9. Roma CF Paulo Dybala (86 OVR)
  10. Lazio ST Ciro Immobile (86 OVR)
  11. Inter Milan ST Romelu Lukaku (86 OVR)

The highest-rated LWs in FIFA 23

The LW position is again topped by Neymar, but even he’s seen a decrease in his rankings. FIFA 23 also has a few young guns at the position in Vinicius Jr, Phil Foden, and Federico Chiesa making a case for the top spot. Here are the highest-rated LWs in FIFA 23:

  1. PSG LW Neymar (89 OVR)
  2. Tottenham LW Heung Min Son (89 OVR)
  3. Real Madrid LW Vinicius Jr. (86 OVR)
  4. Chelsea LW Raheem Sterling (86 OVR)
  5. Manchester City LW Phil Foden (85 OVR)
  6. Manchester City LW Jack Grealish (84 OVR)
  7. Real Sociedad LW Oyarzabal (84 OVR)
  8. Juventus LW Federico Chiesa (84 OVR)
  9. Liverpool LW Luis Diaz (84 OVR)
  10. AC Milan LW Rafael Leao (84 OVR)

The highest-rated RWs in FIFA 23

As expected, the top remains mostly the same as compared to FIFA 22. Messi may have dropped off, but he still leads the way with Mohamed Salah right behind him. Here are the highest-rated RWs in FIFA 23:

  1. PSG RW Lionel Messi (91 OVR)
  2. Liverpool RW Mohamed Salah (90 OVR)
  3. Manchester City RW Riyad Mahrez (86 OVR)
  4. Juventus RW Angel di Maria (84 OVR)
  5. Barcelona RW Raphinha (83 OVR)
  6. Chelsea RW Hakim Ziyech (83 OVR)
  7. Real Madrid RW Marco Asensio (83 OVR)
  8. Barcelona RW Ousmane Dembele (83 OVR)
  9. Manchester United RW Antony (82 OVR)
  10. Benefica RW Rafa (82 OVR)