How to Complete Rapunzel’s The Housewarming Friendship Quest in DDV

Make Rapunzel feel right at home by completing The Housewarming, her level 2 friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Complete The Housewarming DDV

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Rapunzel wants to make a better home for herself with The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley. I guess A Rift in Time’s characters are just as demanding as the base game’s.

After befriending a character in DDV, you then proceed to pour all your time and effort into making them feel welcome in their new house with friendship quests. That’s precisely what you’ll be doing with Rapunzel in The Housewarming. During Rapunzel’s Level 2 friendship quest in DDV, you’ll hunt for crafting materials and her missing belongings all over Eternity Isle.

How to Get Zinc, Tin, and Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Get Zinc Tin and Soil in DDV
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To complete the Housewarming in DDV, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 4x Zinc, which you can get by breaking rocks in The Wild Tangle with your pickaxe. Every rock you destroy will likely give you at least one Zinc.
  • 4x Tin, which also comes from breaking rocks with your pickaxe but in The Glittering Dunes. Every rock you hit will likely give you at least one Tin.
  • 30x Soil, which you can get by digging in any biome, even back in the Valley, except for Dazzle Beach.

How to Find Rapunzel’s Treasures in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Rapunzel's Treasures Location DDV
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For the second part of Rapunzel’s level two friendship quest, you’ll need to find all of Rapunzel’s Treasures in Eternity Isle.

ItemTreasure LocationMapDescription
Wall ClockLook near a vine tree in front of the Waterfall in the Docks.
Cast-Iron PanFound near a blue hammock hung in between two palm trees in the Oasis.
Handheld LanternFound near a big rooted tree in a corner left of the bridge in the Grasslands.
Purple CushionFound in a tree left to the exit to the Borderlands in Promenade.

How to Return Rapunzel’s Treasures Back to Their Places in DDV

Rapunzel's Treasures Placement DDV
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To determine where Rapunzel’s Treasures go in The Housewarming, you must look at her picture in your inventory and spot the treasures‘ original locations. Here are some hints:

  • The Wall Clock goes on the desk before the big white window that’s splattered with paint.
  • The Cast-Iron Pan goes on the wall to the door’s left. How else is she going to protect herself from ruffians?
  • The Handheld Lantern goes atop the bedside table to the pink bed’s left.
  • The Purple Cushion goes on the purple sofa on the right, which is behind the wardrobe in the picture.

How to Build a Home for the Capybaras in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Craft a Tropical Companion Home DDV
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You’ll need to get the following materials to help Rapunzel build a home for the Capybaras to fully complete The Housewarming.

  • 10x Bamboo, which can be found all over the Grove.
  • 15x Tropical Wood can be found around trees in the Grasslands. 
  • 1x Spinel can be found in the rock deposits in The Promenade and The Grove.
  • 3x Green Glass-Like Flowers are actually yellow and can be found in The Plains and The Wastes.

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December 7: There is a known issue for Tropical Wood not respawning in DDV. Gameloft is “actively looking into this matter,” but in the meantime, they’ve sent a “Key Resources” mail with x220 Tropical Wood, among other resources.

After getting all these resources, build a Tropical Companion Home for the Capys to complete The Housewarming in Disney Dreamlight Valley.